Wednesday, December 10, 2014

9 weeks

I can't believe we are already at 9 weeks!! This pregnancy is just developing so quickly.
Today we said goodbye to our friends and Dr's in the infertility center. I wasn't prepared to say goodbye. Honestly I thought I'd stay with them through my first trimester. I cried when I got to my SUV because of the relationships we have created with the nurses and doctors. It's a triumph to say the least.

My little "green olive" is developing perfectly! S/he was flipping around during the ultrasound and it was so adorable! The heart beat was incredibly strong at 178; which is also a huge triumph! We also got our first two 3D ultrasound pictures which is amazing!!

In just a couple of weeks we will have sailed through our first trimester and it all seems to be going so fast! We have the nursery decor all picked out. We've picked out the furniture and the other baby essentials - well the big stuff anyway. It feels like I have waited a lifetime for this moment and it's all going so fast!!

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