Friday, December 12, 2014

Next Christmas

This is our last Christmas as just husband & wife. Next Christmas we will be Daddy & Momma. It's a little crazy thinking about it that way. We'll have a six month old and it will be so much fun to fill stockings and play Santa!
Christmas has taken a back seat with us this year just because we know it's a our last 'slow' Christmas. We know that after this year it will never be the same.. it will be better! So while we have trimmed the tree.. that's about it. The husband made me promise that I would take it easy. It's driving me nuts because I LOVE decorating for Christmas.
I'm excited for the new year. All the changes that are happening. All those exciting moments I have been waiting for are now coming to pass. It's just all happening so fast.
I'm anxious to set up our nursery in Feb/March and I'm super excited for a summer pregnancy. Face it maternity clothes are expensive and annoying. I'm so thankful that right now I can still wear a couple pairs of jeans and get away with yoga pants. I just think summer clothes for clothing a bump is way easier.

Well that's all i got for now. We have another Dr's appointment on the 19th so hopefully it comes with a ultrasound too. Try to get more updates in before we are completely out of our first trimester.
Hope everyone is having a great Christmas season and enjoying the fun stuff we get to do as parents.


  1. I'm so happy your cycle worked and you'll be a mommy in 2015 too!!!!

    1. Thank you! As scared as I was for the IVF process I'm so glad we did it! Thank you Jessah!