Thursday, February 12, 2015

nursery decor.

Originally I wanted to do a fun primary colored nursery. I wanted it to be so colorful and fun. We were looking for something that would transition into toddler years & decided to bypass the frilly nursery. Upon further conversations & pinterest searches we agreed on a Dr Suess theme all because of the bedding. Which I found online at Target

Thanks to both google and Etsy I was able to find these amazing curtains:  
{picture taken from google}

I had them special ordered from a etsy shop and they should arrive any day now. 

Another special thanks to my Scentsy consultant for finding this amazing warmer from 2010 "Candy Shoppe".

Orginaly we couldn't find the warmer but thanks to her detective skills we found another consultant from PA that was using it as a display for her parties. $33 later it was mine.

We have painted the bottom half of the walls one of the following four colors: blue, green, red and yellow. We painted the top half a solid white. {pictures to come since we are currently painting} I bought these Dr Suess quotes for the top half of the wall from Amazon & seriously contemplated buying "Truffula" stickers from amazon as well. {Truffula's are the Dr Suess tree's found in the 'Lorax'} I'm still in search a baby dresser & a bookshelves to tie the room together. 

We have purchased our baby bed. We were gifted a bassinet & a rock n play. I have more clothes for this kiddo already then s/he needs - up to 3/6 months. I ordered a electric Avent breast pump - that just arrived. We have started a pretty awesome diaper stockpile. We have already been given socks (even tiny Texas A&M ones!), bibs, grooming kits, hooded towels, and two packages of swaddlers. The hubby & I have also started buying books - mostly Dr Suess & a pretty awesome toy pile from baby Einstein. Oh & my little sister just sent me this car seat cover.

My husbands command has volunteered to throw us a baby shower in May. I'm super excited and now looking forward to May!! Hopefully we will have a majority of the nursery done soon & I'll post pictures on my 20 week update. Very excited to be sharing all of this with you guys! It's been such a long road and now we are just months away from being parents!!  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

18 weeks!!

I promised a 18 week update.. and here I am.
 It's crazy to really understand that we are already five months pregnant! five months! 
This week's questioner comes from ""

How far along: 18 weeks

Weight Gain/Loss: I have gained 5 pounds

Sleep: I'm most comfortable on my right side for some reason. I do sleep with a body pillow now mostly to keep me off my back. Oh I don't have any issues sleeping or taking naps. :)

Best Moment of the week: We ordered a whole bunch of onesies off my pinterest board.. basically from Etsy, we also ordered the nursery bedding and bought paint. I also got my Scentsy warmer for the nursery... which I'll have to explain in a different post. {here is a onesie that I bought}.

Movement: I feel movement on and off. There are days where the baby is very active and then there are days that I don't feel anything. My husband has been able to feel the baby move too. Huge moment for him.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I love - love - love Lays potato chips (but don't indulge very often) and I can't stand chicken. I eat a lot of fruits, veggies and yogurt.

Pregnancy Symptoms: back pain and off/on headaches. I've also resorted to just asking for a foot massage at the nail salon because the bottom of me feet hurt! I'm also thankful that I have a heating pad.

What I miss: Oh well if we are being honest then.. I miss alcohol. Wine - beer- Jack.. all of it. I also miss the energy that I used to have.

Stretch marks: nope.. no new ones.

Belly Button: pretty shallow

Wedding Rings:
Yes! I just got them cleaned and the lady was surprised I could wear them still.

Mood: Pretty calm. I seem to have a shorter temper with pregnancy but that's not always a bad thing.

Labor Signs: nope.

Milestones: hitting the five month marker & feeling the baby move around

Upcoming Events/Appointments: We have our 3rd wedding anniversary just four days (the 24th) before our 3D ultrasound! Super exciting and great timing!!

What I look forward too: I'm looking forward to seeing our baby peanut butter style (3D pics). I'm also looking forward to getting the nursery painted tomorrow & I'm looking forward to the baby really start to move around more.

Weekly Wisdom:
pshh. I don't have any wisdom to give.

That is my update. I should be able to post nursery pictures soon. It wont be complete but you'll get the overall idea. Plus I can't to share with you all my adventure over a Scentsy warmer!! If you'd like to keep up with me more then just through blogger.. please follow me on instagram!!