Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's March already?!?!

In a short couple of days we will be going into our 23rd week. Our awesome Dr's office gave us a pamphlet full of classes to take before birth and postpartum. Awesome classes like CPR for newborns & infants, a Daddy class to help the guys, information on having a Navy baby and of course a labor tour. So between this week all the way through April we will be taking a couple of baby prep classes. I have been around kids my whole life but it never hurts to take a couple of classes.

Over the weekend someone asked me if I already had my birth plan done. First allow me to laugh out loud. I guess the implication was that I'm usually 5 steps ahead but I haven't even gone down that road. I've refused to read any baby books but I have looked up a couple of topics on pinterest mostly regarding breast feeding. I think once we graduate into the third trimester then we can start looking into birth plans and such.

Outside of preparing for a baby we are getting ready for Stagecoach next month! I am super, super excited! We have a baby shower in mid May. We are also nearing the end of shore duty and starting to prepare for sea duty again. Our biggest change is that we are enjoying our time without any room mates. That's been weird but very nice. I've also been scheduling a lot of time to hang at the beach before our baby comes in July. All in all I know July will be here before I know it.

I have already learned a lot of things about myself through this pregnancy.
First I have to say that it's super easy to get lazy.
Secondly I have found a new appreciation for Mom's especially Mom's of multiple kiddo's.
Third I have learned that no matter what time you go to sleep your leg will twitch and cramp waking you up.

What are some tips that you give a first time parent? When did you figure out your birth plan? What were things that helped you through pregnancy and through postpartum??


  1. The only thing I have ever learned about a birth plan is that my birth plan never goes according to plan. My best advice is your hospital bag - make sure it's packed with essentials you need, not just baby. Bring some body wash. The hospital never has nice soap and it was nice to smell my Vanilla Honey Dial soap as weird as that sounds. Bring socks. Bring a toothbrush and a comb. Bring comfy clothes to go home in and make sure they won't be too tight. Loose clothing is the best after your body has been through labor. Oh and underwear - bring some comfy underwear. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.... But, hope that helps.

    1. yes, yes that does help!! I keep hearing to bring shampoo to wash your hair.. is that really necessary? I think it would be a lot of trouble to try to do all that while at the hospital. Thanks for the advice!! If you remember anything else feel free to share! :)

  2. It's probably not necessary. But, it's oh so nice to have a familiar smell from home. You are just tired and want to go home to your own bed with your new family, so I think it's nice to have some comforts there. Get some of the little travel bottles and just squirt some in there so it won't take up too much room.