Friday, April 10, 2015

26 weeks!!

Why hello blog world. I wish I had some awesome excuse explaining my lack of posting.. but I don't. I also wish I had some exciting "oh my gosh" story to share with you but I don't. I can, however, explain that I have some cool things coming up pretty quickly!!

Stagecoach is just two more weeks away and I've been busy getting prepared for that. I've been buying maternity shorts and shirts for the trip. I got a custom shirt made for the day that Dierks Bentley preforms:
 Plus making sure the hubby has the essentials he needs too. We also have to bring lawn chairs, blankets, water bottles.. etc. We had to find dog sitters that we can trust because Grizzly needs his medicine twice a day. We also had to find a back up sitter just in case something happens with the priority person we elected. Ok so I worry & I over plan - it's ok.
What is Stagecoach? Stagecoach is a three day country music festival in Indio, CA. The bands start at 11am and go until midnight. I am so excited and anxious to go!!!! You can find more information about Stagecoach at the their website: here.

We also have our baby shower on May 15th to look forward too! My husbands office is throwing us a shower and we are so thankful! The ladies had a meeting today to go over menu's, games and answer some questions for them. I got to see our shower invitations - which are adorable. I have found that the two most difficult questions to answer are: 1. what do you need for the baby? 2. How many extra invitations do you need? Sadly my go to responses are: what ever is left on my registry and I have no idea. I have no idea on the invitations because you are inviting people to celebrate your pregnancy with you. For me a lot of those people are out of state & I feel like they are getting a "buy me a gift" reminder instead of a "wish you were here" note. Not to mention we will be sending out baby announcement pictures after the birth. As far as the 'gifts' it isn't about getting gifts but celebrating the fact that we are having a baby!! Everyone keeps asking so it's whatever you want to get us .. if you want to get us anything.

Okay.. so lets get to the Q&A portion of this post.
How far along? 26 weeks!

Weight Gain/Loss:  so far it's still 6+
Sleep: it's getting harder to sleep at night just because the baby moves a lot which causes me to have to get up and pee. So early mornings have become my sleeping time frame between 3 am - 10 am. If I can get to sleep earlier then of course I'm up earlier.
Best moment of the week: I think my favorite part has been ordering my first pairs of maternity shorts. I love that I can still wear some of pre-pregnancy clothes but they are getting more and more snug. Also getting through our last children's holiday without a kiddo! Easter we are coming for ya next year!!
Movements: When is this kid NOT moving! The baby likes to stay low.. below my belly button. My tummy is constantly jumping & you can see the baby move around too! That is pretty cool!
Food cravings/aversions: I still don't like chicken & I'm not a fan of sweets. I love anything potato but mostly stick to fruits. For the past two weeks I have woken up craving donuts - I have no idea but I finally caved last weekend. For the most part I try to stick to foods with protein and fruits.
Pregnancy Symptoms: As blessed as I am to just be pregnant I have to say that now my stomach hurts. My OB says it's due to the baby moving around so much. My nipples are starting to hurt a lot (well they are) and the bottom of my feet absolutely kill me. If I'm being completely honest my bladder is also taking a beating since the kid loves to sit on it.
What I miss: Again I love being pregnant.. really but I have a handful of things I miss. I miss not having to pee every 20 min, I miss alcohol, seafood, having energy, sleeping normal hours and I'm not a huge fan of having to buy maternity clothes.
Stretch Marks: I am so blessed to say that I do not have any stretch marks and I still love my palmers oil!
Belly Button: You can completely see a change in my belly button. It's not an outtie but it's getting close!
Wedding Rings: oh man it's been weeks since I have been able to wear them. They got so tight  all of a sudden!
Mood: I think I have a pretty good demeanor! As uncomfortable as my feet make me I don't complain that often and if I do it's usually only to the hubby.
Labor signs: none
Milestones: We are one week away from entering into the 3rd trimester!!
Upcoming events/appointments: Stagecoach is the biggest upcoming event - our babymoon if you will. We have our baby shower in mid May & then a 4D ultrasound the first of June.
What I look forward too: I feel like the these three last questions are all the same. I think we have planned all our events out so that we have something to look forward too every month of our last trimester.

I'm sure I'll be posting soon after Stagecoach!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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