Monday, April 13, 2015


Going into a third trimester has made us giddy. Giddy, Stressed, overwhelmed... oh yea and excited.

This past weekend I was making a hospital bag list & a list of things I still need to purchase. A combined three pages later I had to stop and ask myself.. REALLY?!!

So I went through pinterest to look up lists of what to bring in the hospital bag(s). Between the four that I found that I actually agreed with - I made my own list of what I really needed to bring. I have to ask though.. why does the Mom-to-be need five outfits?? Seriously every list requested that I bring 3-4 nightgowns & a going home outfit. Since I have never done this before I say ... WHY? Don't they give you a hospital gown? Aren't you basically naked giving birth? Don't they ask that you do skin to skin for a min of an hour before showering and stuff ?? Aren't you there for a max of 24 hours, lord willing, anyway? I'm just at a loss of why you need that many outfits to give birth.

I'm also at a loss of what I really need once we get home. I have been reading a lot of different breastfeeding articles on pinterest and all of them have a list of different things you'll need.
Some of them are great ideas.. stuff I wouldn't have thought twice about.. like flushable wipes!
I'm just a little lost on stuff like:
*do you buy disposable nursing pads or reusable?
*gel pads (lansinoh), thermal pads (avent), therapearl (lansinoh), oh my! They all do basically the same thing so what's better?
 *oh and the nipple cream.. every post has a different brand they recommend. I think I have leaned towards using "earth mama".

Basically I'm lost because I don't know a whole bunch about breast feeding. I don't know what to really expect and I feel it's a 'everyone is different' kind of thing too. I, thankfully, have a amazon prime account and I can order things pretty quickly if need be.. it's just getting what you really need before hand so that you aren't constantly buying stuff. Oh and the hubby will be home for the first couple of months too.. i'm sure he'd love running to the store.

It's just so much stuff on top of all the gear you think you'll need. I'll reserve my 'panic' for what's left on our registry after our baby shower. I have convinced myself that what is left is what we will need.. but I'm pretty sure I can live without a pack n play & a high chair for a good six months or so. I'm also pretty sure that I don't need 20 bottles right out of the gun either.

As my husband so nicely stated yesterday.. welcome to the beginning of the nesting stage... lol

So I ask.
What was in your hospital bag?
If you did breastfeed what were your "must have" items?
What were coming home items you just had to have that poeple wouldn't think about?


  1. I liked the Lanisoh nursing pads. They were good for catching any leaking that tried to come through to my bra. I liked the dermoplast spray (for any incisions you may have after a vaginal birth). And my must have at home was plenty of burp cloths and rags, baby blankets for swaddling (not the thick cushy pretty ones because they don't swaddled well), and my bouncer with the vibration option on it. I had to pump a lot since Jake was in the NiCu and Faith had the cleft lip, so I rented the hospital pumping machine. It was much cheaper to rent for a couple of months than outright purchase. And it worked so much can faster. The amount of time was important to me because I wanted to sleep too. If you are able to breastfeed though, you probably don't need to worry about the hospital grade nursing machine. Just in case. Any other questions you have, just feel free to email me or call me. I'll give you my best from what I remember. Since Jake is 6 now, I feel like I may forget some things. But, it should come back to me. ;)

    1. hey! what a response - thank you! I bought an Avent breast pump - it was one of my first purchases. I'm leaning towards the Lanisoh brand too but did you use disposable or reusable? I have heard to get both because you'll want to throw the first ones away.
      I think I have the rest of what you mentioned above.
      I have read the reviews on the thermal - gel pads but I'm still not certain which ones to purchase. My gut tells me to stick with the avent since that's the brand pump/bottles that I bought.
      Again thank you for all your help! I'm sure before this is done I'll reach out via fb or call you to ask more questions. <3, Amy