Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Write or Die Wednesdays: The Stars Up Above

I saw these posts from The Chronicles of Chaos and just had to be a part of it!
I'm joining this bi-weekly link up to brush up on my writing skills & hopefully to help me get back in blogging.

Write or Die Wednesdays

I believe this particular post was due last week but hell.. I'm going to write this all out this week.
This weeks prompt is the follow picture:

The day was winding down and as she started the dishwasher she let out a sigh. She started to wipe down the counters as she reflected back on the day and she knew that tomorrow would be even busier. In that moment she wanted to be on a sandy beach with a cold drink in her hand far, far away.
Her husband entered the kitchen and she watched him walk over the frig barefoot to grab a couple of beers. Her husband flashed his crooked smile at her as he grabbed her hand leading her out to the patio. He lead her to the wooden porch swing that looked out over the freshly mowed yard. In the distance she could see the barn outlined by the moons glow. Her husband opened both the beers and passed her one. She took a sip of the cold beer feeling it slowly flow down her throat.

She took a moment and looked up at the stars twinkling above their heads. Without a word they both rocked back and forth enjoying the night air across their faces. They set listening to the cicada's singing along with the frogs in the nearby pond. Closing her eyes, listening to the sound of the wind playing with the leaves and could smell the earthy aroma that flowed around them.  In the distance she could hear the sounds of the animals on their neighbors farm. Somewhere in the distance she could hear the hooting of an owl.

As they set on their back porch swaying back and forth she could feel the stress melt away. The mixture of the cicada's and frogs singing along with the earthy smells of the night made her relax. In that moment she knew that no beach in the world would reach her soul the way this peace of earth did. That the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore were no match for the sounds of their country lives. She rested her head on her husbands shoulder and they silently listened to the night as they swayed back n forth on their porch swing.
The End.

Feel free to join the bi-weekly link up with The Chronicles of Chaos and showing off your writing skills.


  1. Beautiful, Amy! I love the comfort and love that shines through this story. :) Thanks so much for joining us!!! So happy to have you. xo

    1. Thank you! It was really fun to do! I look forward to the next one on May 6th!! <3, Amy

  2. Oh no! I wrote a long comment and think it got deleted!

    In a nutshell:

    Thank you for joining us.
    Loved the imagery!
    I prefer forests and seasons over beach-living (I live on an island).
    Hope you do join us again!!


    1. Thanks! I lived in the country and now we live on the beach in San Diego. I miss seasons, rain - thunder storms - but I love the beach life too. I'm really enjoying this creative writing link up! I'm ready for the next one!!
      <3. Amy