Thursday, June 25, 2015

37 Weeks.

I can not believe that we just hit our 37 week marker. 
*Mind blown!*

I also can't believe I haven't done a pregnancy update since 31 weeks! Oops!! 

How far along? 37 weeks 
(excuse the clothes pile)
Weight gain/loss? A whopping 8 pounds.. I'm seriously proud of myself but I also can't wait to hit the gym.
Sleep: Without a sleeping aide - I don't really sleep due to my anxiety. I toss & turn. I have the new thing where I get these odd pains through my feet - which my Dr says is normal. I've gotten pretty used to the Tylenol PM my OB gave me so they are going to put me on unisom next until the baby is born.  
Best Moment of the Week: Umm I spend a lot of time in the pool.
Movements: This kid moves all the time! Esp when I lay on my right side. I also can tell the baby has moved down more but is still breach.
Food Cravings/Aversions: I don't have any real food cravings - I'd say Cherries are my fav right now. Aversion is still chicken.
Pregnancy Symptoms: I don't have any real pregnancy symptoms.
What I miss: Alcohol. I do I miss wine. I also keep reading all these new drinks I want to try - but I really miss my wine. I also miss having energy and not feeling like I'm carrying around a bowling ball. Oh! Being able to shave my legs! Man I miss that....
Stretch Marks: Yea know I didn't have any until a week ago. I've got two really ugly lines on my right side under my belly button. I've been using palmer's oil but I think the sun & the baby moving down has really activated these road map lines.
Belly Button: I don't have an outie but the inside of my belly button is completely flush with my skin.
Wedding Rings: Pss I haven't been able to wear my ring set since 27 weeks. I can't to wear them again.
Mood: Considering my dog died a week ago, my husband just went back to shore duty, I'm not sleeping, I don't have any energy & this baby is due any moment - I'm all over the place.
Labor Signs: I am having braxton hicks more often but otherwise I haven't had any real significant labor signs. I'm anxious for my milk ducts to kick in - I hear that means you are close to delivering .
Milestones: Umm hitting 37 weeks. I'm still up and moving around. I'm seriously uncomfortable though but I'm thankful I'm not on bed rest. 
Upcoming Events/Appointments: I have a OB appointment next Monday. My OB thinks I'll have the baby before the 10th of July.. we shall see.
What I look forward too:  I'm looking forward to my brother coming to visit & I'm really excited about the Fourth of July.. simply because it's my favorite holiday. I'm praying this baby comes around the Fourth... NOT ON.. but around. 

That's all the updates I really have as far as the pregnancy goes. Water makes me feel comfortable so I spend a lot of time in our pool. I don't have a lot of energy and my OCD is hating the lack of house chores being done. I've ignored the 'nesting' urges as much as possible because I simply do not have the energy to complete them. 

Feel free to submit any last moment gender guesses!! I think we are having a boy but we'll find out soon! 


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    1. So far it's a 95% overall vote that we are having a boy! Which is a good thing because we have only really picked out boy names!!