Sunday, June 28, 2015

my two cents...

All these changes in our society lately has had me shaking my head. Our society is all about the dramatic climax.. it has to be that huge "oh my gosh did you hear.." for it to be news. Lying and blowing stories out of proportion to get that reaction is even ok. It's so insane to me. "Oh my gosh Taylor Swift told off Apple".. no she didn't. She made a statement from her point of view & because she sells billions of records - they listened to what she had to say & modified the way they paid the artist. Drama sells so we allow it be twisted and altered to sound scandalous and dramatic.

Yesterday someone I know acted shocked that the "State went against the church". I looked at him sideways because that happened A LONG TIME AGO. When we took God out of our schools - When we banned the 'Pledge of Allegiance'. When we started talking about taking "In God We Trust" off our money & when we stopped disciplining our Children. Ok the last one has nothing to do with the State & God but it should.

I honestly don't care about your sexual orientation. I don't care if you are bi, lesbian, straight.. as long as you are a good person. Honestly. Why? Because the Bible taught me to love my neighbor & that it's not my job to judge others. I'm not perfect & I know it upsets me when people stick a nose up on the way I live my life. So I refuse to do it to others. I don't need to understand your point of view or they way you 'transition' but I will say this... I believe we are all created perfect. Flawed and perfect so I think it's kind of a jab to God to say " I was born a boy but I'm really a girl". That doesn't mean that I am judging you because for all I know I'll greet the guy upstairs & he'll tell me I was wrong for thinking that way. Do what makes you happy.

I also want to say that 'TO ME':
A solider who sacrifices their life for our freedom is Brave.
A solider who lives with PTSD because he faught in a war is Brave.
An amputee who tries to live life to the fullest is Brave.  
A firefighter who runs into a burning building to save either a person or an animal is Brave.
A policeman who puts his life on the line to make sure our neck of the woods is harmonious is Brave.
A child who fights to survive a life threatening illness is Brave.
A women who fights for her life from Cancer is Brave.
A single Mom raising a child on her own is Brave.

I'm not going to put a rainbow flag on my profile to show you I support your decision because I don't want too. I'm glad that you are able to get married & I'm happy that we can all have a moment where we feel equality. Hold on to this moment because it wont last. We again are a society built on drama and hype. In a couple of weeks it's going to be a huge "racial" debate because we can allow marriages but can't except skin color. The racial card is the oldest one in the book that will always be thrown down on the table because we aren't about solutions. America thrives on being a nation of diversity & opportunity while we tear each other apart for being different. Crazy huh? Kinda like a dog chasing his own tail... it's a vicious circle.

Religion isn't a excuse to disagree with the way someone lives. If you are using religion to judge then you are doing it wrong ~ IMO. I believe religion is to help us love & except one another not an excuse to tear each other apart. So while you choose to hate or love, while you are angry or happy over marriage equality, while you can or can't except the way your neighbor lives his life.. remember that we are all just people. We all have feelings, beliefs and views. I just wish we were putting all of this energy into figuring out how to get along instead of tearing each other apart.

So there is my thought's on all of this. Take it or leave it. Hate it or love it. It's just the way I feel & see it. I just think we all need a lot more love & acceptance instead of all this hate & ignorance.

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