Wednesday, June 10, 2015

to share or not to share

It's getting closer to our due date & with that it has caused a ton of thinking. I noticed last week that their are no security measures to keep people from 'sharing' your pictures or albums. At first I thought it was just on facebook and was ready to shut it all down.. but then I noticed that Instagram has the same thing. So my first thought was I'll just put a watermark or a copyright message on each picture. Really that is really time consuming & running everything through photoshop before posting is kind of a pain.

The next option I have is to not post any pictures of my kids on any social media network.

The fact is you can't keep people from sharing your photo's. You cant' keep people from sharing an album without making it private.. in which case why put in on facebook? I could care less if people want my beach pictures or my Starbucks pictures.. but I don't feel comfortable with people have the availability to 'share' my kids pictures.  You can't keep people from saving a picture to their phones. My husbands tells me all the time that whatever you put on any social media network is free game.

This all started because someone shared a picture of an ultrasound picture. So I asked her "why?" she said it was a mistake. So the next time she shared a ultrasound pictures I asked again - and I got the same response. So the third time this happened I deleted her off my pages because I felt violated. Why was someone I didn't really know sharing pictures of my unborn child on their page??
Then my SIL started sharing nursery pictures.. ok not that big of a deal. Then she just shared the whole entire Baby album ... the whole album people. This album has picture of the baby, nursery and my growing belly.. again I felt violated. I have mad respect for my SIL and while she is stuck in Texas while all of this happens in CA - I know she wasn't intentionally being intrusive. Sadly, according to Facebook, there is nothing they can do. You can set albums and pictures to be viewed by friends on your page, certain groups of people or not at all by selecting private.. that's it.

I haven't decided on a solution yet but the likely hood of me sharing newborn pictures via social media are pretty slim. At this point I'm not even sure I want to share the new that our child is born until after we have arrived home. I know that many people have submitted complaints about other's being able to 'share' another album or picture without the owners approval & hopefully this is corrected. Until then I think I'll be keeping all personal pictures off of facebook & possibly instagram.


  1. I would really like to see pics of the new baby. I promise not to share!!!
    I post my kids pics to my page all the time - mainly because we have moved from home and I feel guilty that I took away all those moments that family should have been there for and I hope that sharing the pics with them, somehow maybe helps a little.
    I probably should be more wary of what I put out. But, I have a couple of rules. I take my location off my pictures, and I don't post them until we are home from whatever event we took the pics at. I guess that's more from creepers who may want to steal my children, so that probably doesn't help. Sorry! If I hear of a way to post where people can't share, I'll let you know.

    1. Living in CA and our families being from Texas - I completely understand! I know people will want to see our kiddo - esp the hubby's family.
      I do the same thing with 'checking in' after we leave a place or posting beach pictures after we are home. I just hate that there isn't a lot of security options when it comes to protecting what we are putting on social media.

  2. I've thought about this point a lot - I definitely think there can be a happy medium between sharing just enough and oversharing! Hopefully I'll find that happy medium soon! Ha