Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Write or Die Wednesday: Uncomfortable

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Today's bi-weekly topic is:

At first I saw this and thought of what makes me annoyed.. you know those annoying things people do that make you wanna punch them in the face? Realizing it's "what makes me uncomfortable" well that's a whole different topic. 
What does 'uncomfortable' mean exactly? According to google it means:

Uncomfortable: "causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort"

Instead of a story I'll make more of a list of things that make me 'uncomfortable'.

~ crowds make me incredibly nervous. Especially at bars and malls.

~ arguments or confrontations of any kind. I'm not good at speaking my thoughts & I want to think about what you are saying instead of just spewing words at you. I usually walk away thinking of 'better' ways I could have said something or things I wish I had said in addition.

~cock roaches. They are disgusting and vile creatures. They will make me pass out if you force me to stay around a place that has them. They make me VERY uncomfortable.

~ I'm not comfortable with abuse of any kind.. but animal abuse makes me uncomfortable. If you can abuse a helpless creature that adores you.. how do you treat humans? Even outside of household pets.. if you can harm a whale or dolphin (for example) just for fun .. that makes me super nervous!

~more of an anxiety.. but water I can't see or feel the bottom of makes me freak out. I love the water but I like walking out in it or laying close to it.. but being in a boat in the middle of an ocean makes me super nervous & uncomfortable.

people who are super religious and use "in his name", "lord willing" or "praise god" in every post or comment make me uncomfortable. I'm religious but to me that's a bit overkill & it's unsettling. I'm super happy you are rockin' your faith but it's too much for me.

that's all i got ladies for this link up this week. Before I go I wanted to share:
We had our "SON" Sunday night {July 12th, 15}.
He is 9 lbs & 11oz and is 21.5 inches!


  1. Amy,

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on having your beautiful baby boy! Glad you and baby are here and healthy :)

    YES!! on so many of these! You would have hated Hawaii. Cockroaches are the norm there. You could have the cleanest house and you still would come across a couple of roaches. It's not uncommon to see them in restaurants too.

    I don't like not knowing what's under me either. The thought of being out in the open sea with a whole unseen world beneath my feet...with large (and sometimes dangerous) creatures possibly stirring right beneath me?? Ahhh. I'm getting nervous just thinking about it.

    Finally, anyone that is overly zealous about anything --especially religion-- kind of freak me out too. I think there is so much 'grey matter' in the world, and if you're so one-sided as to not accept (or at least acknowledge) other possibilities, AND be sensitive to the idea that not everyone believes in the same thing, then you're probably a little too intense for me.

    Hope you're getting as much rest as a new baby allows. Big hugs to you!!


    1. Thank you! It's like 12 hours away from being a week old (tear) and he is so precious!
      I actually wanted my husband to get stationed in Hawaii but I have heard so many unglamorous things about the island life. I couldn't handle the roaches.. lol.
      The fear of not being able to touch the bottom is a huge thing for me! I think it's more of a drowning fear then a 'creatures of the sea' fear but Yea I'm right there with you. You look down to see a huge hump back whale... yea I'd never swim again.
      Yes!! the over zealous thing scares me. Like people who are really into this whole 'oil' thing. I swear it's not healthy to put oils on everything to help heal a headache or whatever. To each their own.

      Thanks for stopping by!! I love this link up. I'll have to get started on the next prompt to make sure I make it up on time.


  2. Ahhh! Congratulations, Amy!! What a handsome boy. :) So happy for you!

    Ugh, animal abuse - I completely agree with you. Why anyone would hurt a defenseless creature is beyond me. Just leave them be, ya know?

    Thanks for joining us!!! Big hugs.

    1. Thank you!
      Yep. If you can hurt an animal what could you do to a human? I couldn't even 'hunt' an animal for survival - I don't think.
      Love these link ups.