Monday, August 17, 2015


I can't believe my son is five weeks old - every week I get more and more shocked by how fast the weeks fly by. I love how he is starting to be awake longer throughout the day. The things that make this kid laugh are hysterical. The other day I was getting ready to go somewhere and he started to cry. I was putting on my makeup so I took my blush brush and brushed it over his nose.. he started smiling! I did it again and we got what sounded like a giggle & every time we do it we get the same response. I have learned that things pertaining to his face make him laugh - the rest of the body he seems very cautious. It might be the fact that he can't see and he's sense of touch is new. It is really neat to watch this little person develop before your eyes. This Mom gig is pretty awesome. I think it's pretty funny how I stressed over getting the nursery done & he doesn't even sleep in there. I wish I had splurged on house cleaning help because the house chores are driving me bonkers. I'm torn between just holding "baby boy" all day or putting him down to get stuff done. The hubby has been a huge help & takes care of feedings and stuff during the afternoon - so he can get his baby fix. That helps me accomplish small tasks but again I just want to sit and stare at "baby boy".

This is crazy cool - IMO. Grizzly has been gone for two months now & I miss him more and more. I knew I'd be crazy heartbroken when I lost him, but this amount of pain is unreal. I thought it would diminish after we had 'baby boy' but that hasn't seemed to happen yet either. I decided that I didn't want to have another Pomeranian again. My hubby wouldn't hear of it he said I have four things that define me: Dierks Bentley, Pomeranian's, Starbucks & Victoria Secret. (haha).
The hubby talked me into e-mailing the lady I bought Grizzly from since we have kept in touch all these years. I finally sent her a e-mail explaining our loss and what was wrong with him. She sent me pictures of him as a puppy before we got him (before 6 weeks) and pictures of his Mom. Then she told me that his sister (from another litter but from the same parents) is having her last litter of puppies this December. Laura went on to say then she(Laura) isn't going to be breeding anymore after this litter. So basically if I wanted a puppy from her it would be the last of Grizzly's blood line (from her) that I'd be able to have. The thought of getting another Pomeranian is ok.. I love them but the thought of getting another Pom that is from Grizzly's blood line - makes me teary eyed. So since she is in the south & I'm in CA I was curious on how we would even get the puppy. Low and behold her nephew lives 30 minutes away from us & they were just here two months ago visiting! He is planning on visiting her from Christmas and has agreed to bring the puppy back with him.
I took this as a sign that this was meant to be just because to many things aligned. So the plan is that we are getting a pom puppy in Dec/Jan - a direct decedent of my very best friend. It makes me cry every time I write or say that. I mean it's super special & I feel like it's a great way to honor Grizzly. I wish I could purchase more then one puppy since it will be the last of the line.. but one is better then nothing.

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