Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WODW: Off The Beaten Path

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There is nothing more freeing then a road trip. 
Ya know the kind - where the windows are rolled down. 
Your hair is in a messy bun but stray hair is flying all around.
Those days where you turn the radio up really loud and you just follow the pavement.

I have found some amazing short cuts around town that way.
I have found some of the most beautiful spots that have a clear view of the ocean. 
When my life turned upside down when I was 20 - I moved to Oklahoma to start anew. I took to the road and listened the songs of the interstate. 
{It was my first long stretch and I didn't end up driving the whole way.. but.. }
Then there were the trips back to Texas. 
Those long 8.5 hour drives with nothing but God's country for eye candy. Those were amazing trips. 

When my life took a dip again I took the road & moved to California. 
That was one of the best road trips I've ever taken. I drove my car full of the things I needed - Grizzly as my side kick & a stereo pumping. It took me two full days to drive & it was so methodical. Therapeutic in a kick butt kind of way. Meaning: It's not a clear headed, destressing kind of therapeutic thing but I have used driving as a life changing therapeutic kind of way. 

They have a thousand song {country} that talk about using the wide open road to move on.
These are some of my personal favorites
Dierks Bentley: Settle for a Slowdown
Runaway: Love & Theft
Julie Roberts: Breakdown here
Rascal Flatts: I'm Moving On / Here Comes Goodbye / Life is a Highway
just to list a couple. 
Alabama: Roll On / I'm in a Hurry 

Alright ladies - I'm going to say goodbye for now. Looking forward to the next link up as well. I'm sorry I missed the last two. I actually had them written but just forgot to link them up - oh well. Hope you all have a great week & safe weekend!