Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas anticipation

It's a couple of days away from Thanksgiving - 9 days actually. As we prepare for our Thanksgiving this year I can't help but wait for Christmas. I have waited on this Christmas for a very long time. 10 years actually. This year I get to experience my first Christmas with my child. I have heard that a child isn't able to retrieve a memory before 5-7 years of age but that isn't going to stifle my excitement or anticipation.
Every year I get really excited to 'deck the halls'. I love staring at the Christmas tree lit up at night - the glow illuminating the living room. I love the ambiance that lights on a house brings. I love the sense of community the holiday's seem to bring. There are things that I don't like.. it seems that Christmas brings out a sense of greed. I don't like the expectation of giving a gift but I love the innocence of watching Christmas through a Child. I've never been one to get my Christmas shopping done a month or weeks in advance because of what I said above. I feel that the holiday brings both greed and the expectation of gift giving.
Over this past weekend I bought all my friends kids their Christmas gifts. While my husband feels the gifts are a little "dull" - It's the thought behind the gift that counts.. right? I printed my Christmas cards after doing our own pictures. I've also managed to purchase all of my sons Christmas gifts, except for a little red wagon. Anyway. My point of this post is that for the first time in a very long time I am excited for Christmas. I'm excited to see the joy in my child's face - even though that sounds crazy because he has no idea what is going on. He may not ever remember these first holidays that we are celebrating with him.. but I will. I will remember this Christmas for the rest of my life.
Someone told me over the weekend that their child had so many toys that they were going to just grab a toy that is barely used - wrap it and put it under the tree. It shocked me. While I complain about the expectations - I couldn't imagine doing that. I'm sure there will come a day when 'little man' has so many toys that he wont need another under the tree. I'm sure some day I'll complain of the things that clutter a toys chest and shelves. I'll yell as I step on a lego - which I hear is ultra painful. All the same I can't begin to absorb the thought of 'regifting' toys from his own toy box and saying they are from "Santa". So I bought the child a toy. I wanted to make sure that the child in question at least gets ONE item to unwrap on Christmas day - that wasn't from his toy box. With that I'll add that I try really really hard not to judge & honestly it's not what I am trying to do here. I just feel that a child should have at least one 'new' toy to unwrap. Further more if you feel your child has so many toys in their room.. donate them. Their are so many children who will go without due in income shortages and that is a huge part of the meaning of the holiday.. is it not? My brother & I were talking about when a good age for 'little man' would be to start taking him to donate a gift to a child. I don't want to just take a couple of toys to a Marine Corps recruitment office (TOYS FOR TOTS) - I want him to pick out a gift, wrap it and take it to another child. I want him to see the joy it brings to that child to receive that item he picked out. I want him to get the holiday on a emotional level - not just the commercial propoganda that we have created.  I also want him to work in a 'soup kitchen' around Thanksgiving. I think by taking him a soup kitchen and to volunteer our time to serve those who are less fortunate then us.. well help him respect the things that he has.
Wow this topic went crazy off the path I intended to share. I stand behind all that I shared. I feel that I have a lot of grey areas in how I believe about Christmas. I want him to have the joy of experiencing Santa and Christmas. I also want him to understand the originally intended meaning of the holiday. Not just the religious portion.. but the pagan meaning as well. Continuing what St Nickolas started and understanding what it was meant to be before commercial propoganda took over.
I simply can't wait for this years Christmas. I simply can't wait to start a tradition that my child will carry with him for the rest of his life & continue on with his children. That's pretty big and a pretty important role as a parent. Non the less .. my whole point of this post was to say that I have waited for ten years for this Christmas!!


  1. I love how big your heart is, not only for your child but for others as well. You are truly a wonderful person.