Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another birthday

It's been 13 days since my birthday passed and I'm just now getting around to writing a reflection post that was intended to be up on my birthday. We have been so busy around here that the blog has taken a back seat. My brother generously flew my husband, little man & I out to see him in Washington State. He showered little man with clothes and toys, my husband & I with tickets to the Seahawaks vs 49ers game and fed us an amazing Thanksgiving meal that I 'thankfully' didn't have to cook. We toured the city and took a ton of pictures tourist style. We had a blast and this years birthday will be one to remember for several different reasons.
I'm was also blessed by the six people who showered me with gifts ranging from Starbucks gift cards & swag to Peyton Manning t-shirts because I adore him. My husband went above and beyond by giving me a beautiful "Ruby" necklace {little mans birth stone} and a beautiful Micheal Kors handbag - completely unexpected. I didn't expect to receive anything but I'm so blessed and Thankful for what I did receive.
Every year I come up with resolutions - like New Years - to implicate for the following year. Sometimes it's something silly & simple like 'lose 20 pounds' and I'm excited that at least one of the items finally got checked off the list.. being a Mom. It's the greatest accomplishment and gift - one I didn't think I'd have the honor of receiving. So while my lists of years past seem silly & childlike - they are still apart of the person that I strive to be.
This years list is more of a shaping into the women I want to represent in little man's life. While that sentence could be created into a whole blog post on it's own  - I want to explain that it's important that I conduct myself into a person I want my son to look up too. Most boys look for women who are like their Mom's to date & marry - that's pretty big. So what value's am I showing him that he would want in his future wife? What are the adjectives that I would like him to use to describe me when he gets older?
1. I want to stop complaining. It's so easy to see the negative and be disappointed. People say it takes more energy to be happy other then complaining. I've also found that it has become super easy to complain about things & people. So that is one of my first resolutions.
2. To be healthy. Not to be confused with just losing weight. I want to be healthy. I want to install a good eating habit & workout routine. After all our traveling is done we are going to resign our YMCA membership; which is great for all of us! I can't wait to get little man into swimming lessons and get out of the house for some fun time. We are going back on the Paleo Plus I think it will help us all to get into a healthier lifestyle.
3.  To be a little more frugal. I want to curb my spending and live off of what we need too. It's important to show little man the important things in life aren't materalistic and I need to live that before I can teach that. It's easy to get into Amazon and spend money without hesitation. Anyway I just need to buckle down on spending.
4. I'd like to have another baby! So hopefully we can create a little sister or brother for little man. Hey, I'm no spring chicken. it took so long for this one that we don't feel we should really wait for #2 but we shall see what 2016 bring us .. yea?

Ok well I have babbled long enough. I thought I'd share my reflections or resolutions for the next year. Don't worry I'm sure you see this as a repeat post in a couple of weeks for the real 'resolution' buzz.

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