Tuesday, January 5, 2016


A couple of weeks ago I started to realize that 'Little Man' is growing out of things so fast.
We retired "Lion" {the bouncy chair} & we are working really hard to transition him from his "Lambie" {rock n play} into his crib. (So far so good).
I need to do another purge of his baby clothes, which is getting harder and harder and I started looking into a transitional baby bath. We ended up with a inflatable "Ducky safety bath tub" (for $12). He hates it but in a couple of weeks it'll be his new favorite thing.
It honestly just amazes me on how fast he is growing up.

We picked out dates for our Texas trip in Feb. For some reason the husband wants to 'surprise' everyone and keep our arrival a surprise. I found that cool when we didn't have a kid but now that we do - I feel that we should be more prepared. Anyway our dates are set & I'm excited. I'm sure before I know it a month will fly by & I'll be stressing about the whole trip again. I contacted a couple of friends to let them know that I am coming because unlike my husband.. I want people to plan on seeing us if they can.

Like everyone else I'm struggling with the weight I gained since having little man. The large amounts of coffee & the Dr Pepper n Rum - I've gained a lot little bit of weight. Anyway I have a little over a month to drop some weight. We have been walking everyday & I started drinking a lot more water. After our trip to Texas I should be able to restart our membership to the Y. Also Little Man can start his swim lessons after we get back too.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas & a wonderful New Years.

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