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Earlier today a Mom posted a post on her facebook page about how Pediatricians are wrong for telling people that 4 month old can eat solids. The article goes on to say that the CDC - The Center of Disease Control & Prevention - along with the AAP - Academy of Pediatrics - say food should be introduced until six months of age. That 40% of parents are listening to their advice and going ahead and introducing solid foods to their child at 4 months. The list a range of things that could be linked to child obesity, diabetes, eczema, and Celiac disease. The New York Times even shares a post by a CDC epidemiologist {the study of the patterns, causes, and effects of health & disease conditions defined populations} saying that we need to share the "dissemination of the recommendations on solid food introduction.  Lower in the post it gives a list of excuses, I mean reasons, parents feed their kids too soon.. including : 'A doctor or health care professional said my baby should begin eating solid foods".
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So why am I sharing this? Because I am sick of people undermining Pediatricians or Doctors. Their is a articial on almost everything we do stating that we do it their way. I have the utmost faith in my Pediatrician & when she said that we could start giving Little Man cereal at 4.5 months I didn't hesitate. I didn't google opposing views, I didn't ask other Mom's for their advice. I did, however, ask other Mom's how to make my own baby food & looked up a list of introduction food for his age group. I get so frustrated reading these articals going against medical professionals. I mean why go see them at all? If you aren't going to listen to what they feel is right for your child - then why make an appointment, pay the deductable and listen to what they have to say if you are going to only listen to what Sally down the street tells you??? Seems upsurd. Yes Sally has four healthy kiddo's but like each adult in the world.. kids are individuals too {gasp!} Further more.. all the reasons listed in the article say that parents use these various reason's on why they feed their child before six months.. all of which are the exact reasons we started feeding little man cereal at 4.5 months. SO, yes I feel a little defensive. Yes, I feel that I need to protect my choices and decisions when articles like this are posted.

Further on this point. I had a person come by and see my kiddo for the first time. I started talking about how our pediatrician recommended he go to a "Mothers Day Out" or a "drop in" type place so he could interact with kids his own age. It would help him
1. get his immune levels up
2. it would help his interaction skills.
3. Learn to be away from Mommy for a few hours.

Our guest started saying how the pediatrician was wrong & that daycare is a bad idea if you don't have to use them. Complained that your kids get sick to much & that one on one play dates are more ideal. I would agree that play dates are more ideal but we don't really have that luxury. Every time I try to make a play date or meet up with other Mom's they cancel for one reason or another. I had a zoo play date planned for tomorrow but I had to be the buzz kill and cancel because it's raining. So I'm not really sure on when or where my kid would get the one on one interaction she talked about.
Studies show that your child needs these interactions so that they don't just bond with the parent. That leaving him after he is six months {for the first time} can cause separation anxiety on both the child and parent. So leaving your child with a babysitter or a 'drop in' day care environment is ideal. Little Man & I go and do things all the time. We go for walks, we go to shopping stores, and we hang out in the back yard from time to time.. but he's almost six months old! I understand what she said but I also agree with our pediatrician. There is nothing wrong with your kid socializing with other kids in their age group - it's how they learn. Kids learn by watching and then copy.. so if my kid watches other kids play then he'll pick up a couple of things. I don't mind that he might get a cold.. it could happen while at the grocery store just as easily. I could count on play dates but the 'drop in' option is more reliable then planning or keeping a play date anyway.

My point in closing is this. If you aren't a pediatrician then stop forcing any one belief on how to raise a child to yourself. It makes me so angry to hear people constantly comment on how Dr's are wrong. I have had Dr's be wrong.. One told me that I'd never be able to have a child.. and he was wrong. Then again with out the help and guidance of a Dr - I wouldn't have a child. SO I'm not saying all medical opinions are correct but I'm not saying they aren't all wrong either. We all parent a little differently. I'm ok with that. Just please don't force it down my throat that I'm a horrible parent because Dr Google say's that my pediatrician is wrong. I fully defend the choices that I have made with Little Man & I will completely understand the choices that you choose to make for your child. I just wish we didn't all jump to prove our Dr's wrong because if you do.. then I don't understand why you even see one in the first place. Last of all.. I'm not a Dr. I'm not even going to pretend to be. So I'm not own to give you medical advice for your child. I can't stand facebook Mommy groups that post questions to other parents that should be directed towards a Dr. I'm sure they hate me too because my go to response is "call your Dr & stop asking a facebook group". Then again.. what do I know... right?

Hope everyone is having a good day. I just needed to voice my thoughts on this.

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