Sunday, January 10, 2016

Plans for 2016

This past week we found out that my husband will be leaving for his new ship soon. Since he is on a ship, that is being built in another state, he will have to go to the location of the building. He will stay there until the ship is ready to be sailed back to San Diego, which we are told he could be gone up to a year.. maybe a little longer. We talked about us going as a family, but the truth is he'll be working long hours and after a couple of months the ship will start it's sail around back home. So the rational part of moving for a couple of months didn't really make any sense - so we will be doing this long distance.
I haven't done a deployment since November 2011. I'm sorta terrified. I'd be terrified without us having a kid but the fact that we do kinda makes this a little more scary. We have a trip planned to Texas soon - actually a month from now.  After that it will be a just a hop, skip and a jump from when my husband leaves. Then 'Little Mans' first birthday is after that.. and well the whole holiday snowball effect is after that. I'm sure it will all go quicker then I think & I have a couple of plans up my sleeve.. like a couple of trips and stuff.
I'm trying to put together things for us to do with "Little Man". A friend sent me a link that was shared on a mommy facebook group about all the things to do with a child here in San Diego. I've gone through the list and found a couple that would be great for Little Man & I to do. I also planned on joining the YMCA after we get back from Texas & to get a year membership to the zoo. We also have the beach this coming summer.
I reminding myself that I just need to take this one day at a time and no worry so much about what is to come. I'm a planner. I just need to plan things out sometimes to help myself through some of these crazy months ahead.
I guess my view has changed a little. We knew this deployment was coming but we thought it would be much later in the year. I also think that by putting a date to it made it a lot more real. So now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to manage with all the changes that are about to happen.. because as I have said a thousand times.. I don't do well with change. So putting all these plans in motion helps me cope a little more and more.

if you have any fun activity ideas for a 6month old - a year old child please let me know. I'm open for any suggestions or ideas. How do you keep busy during deployments with kids?

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