Thursday, February 25, 2016

baby talk

Since my husband is leaving for deployment he has started talking about having another baby. I've dodged this conversation since November. It's not that I don't want another baby but I wasn't sure about how I felt about having one so quickly. Then I look over at my growing son & think "why not"?

If you followed my past then you know that I struggled with infertility for many years & ended up doing invitro to have my son in 2014. We have a frozen embryo left & before we use that we wanted to see if we could have a baby own our own. Our RE said that sometimes after having a baby your body straightens itself out & you could be able to conceive naturally. So after a couple of conversations we decided to that we'd go in to the Dr's and do a saline sonogram. The saline sonogram will be done in the office, with an ultrasound and they shoot saline into my uterus to see what's going on. So on March 7th I'll reopen this chapter of my life to see what our future will hold.

I'm nervous. We want another kid but I don't want to go through all this infertility stuff. I also didn't want to use our only embryo so quickly. After talking it over.. the worse case senerio is that we use this embryo - it works - and in a couple of years we go back and redo the whole invitro process to have more kids. I can honestly say that I never thought we'd be talking about fertility treatments again. My biggest fear is that our single embryo doesn't survive the defrost process and we don't have any options other then to start over sooner.

I'm jumping the gun here. The saline sonogram could tell us that we have no issues & that we are just need time. We have five months to get pregnant on our own & I think that is very doable. I think I'm seriously nervous about the alternative answer. I have been really praying we will be able to just conceive naturally. I know that what ever the Dr tells us that we can handle together. Little man has been the greatest accomplishment of my life - so I could only imagine adding a sibling to the mix would just as amazing.

Did anybody else conceive naturally after conceiving with fertility treatments?? Curious.

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