Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Back in Cali

Last time I wrote we were heading on a vacation to Arizona & Texas - it's hard to believe we have been back for 4 days. Time passes by so quickly.

Our first stop was at our friends parents house in Tuscon, Arizona! Love those people like they were my own parents & I love that they consider us the same. We always have a blast in Tuscon & this time was no exception. We visited the 'Arizona-Sonora desert museum' - which was amazing! We set back and watched the Superbowl before taking a 15 hour drive to Texas. Our first stop was in Victoria, Texas to visit with my husbands family for the first four days. My goal was to get as many pictures as possible with every family member & little man. We didn't get a picture of each person - but we got pretty close. Then we ventured off to Houston, Texas for the next four days, and I was able to visit with both friends and family. I was super excited to see all my sisters & brother in laws; plus cousins. I also got to see two of my favorite two girl friends - which was super awesome. I was able to get pictures of little man with 'almost' every family member at my Mom's too. Monday afternoon we headed back to Victoria for another two days. To top off our trip we went back to Tuscon for another four days before heading back to Cali. I mean that's a lot of driving but a ton of fun. I have been trying really hard to get back into the swing of things now that we are back home. It's been harder then I anticipated. We had so much fun in Texas & Arizona that it's semi sad that we are already back home. It's always good to be home but sad that our vacation went by so fast.

Now that we are back home we are in full swing. It seems that it's easier to prepare to leave for vacation then it is coming home. Getting groceries, cleaning your house, animals & kids adjusting, doing laundry and unpacking. The list goes on and on. This was our last family vacation for a while because my husband will deploy for a year possibly by July. We are planning on visiting him in November but right now that's just talk. To prepare for the deployment Little man & I joined the zoo and the YMCA this week so that we can stay busy while he was gone.

Before I sign off I'd like to ask a favor. I'd like to ask you all to lift my family in prayer. Two of my brother in laws are sick. One is facing liver failure is on dialysis twice a week & my other brother in law has been diagnosed with leukemia and is going through chemo. We also received news while in Texas that our dear friends Dad in Tucson was diagnosed with melanoma. No matter what kind of cancer - it's all painful to experience. I just ask that you help me pray for my family.

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