Wednesday, February 3, 2016

To Grandmother's house we go.

It's 11pm and I'm contemplating making another cup of coffee. I know I'm insane. I have a 6 month old who needs me awake and all rested tomorrow morning, but here I am.
We leave for Texas in three days.. three! I'm as packed as I can be at this point - the rest can't be packed until the night before. My house is as clean as I can be but of course I'll do a run through the morning we leave. I always vacuum & mop the floors before we leave. I also make sure we have all the laundry & dishes washed.  So three days out with a ton of stuff to do and unable to get it done. Tomorrow I take the car in for it's oil change & to make sure it's ready for a drive. Then Thursday I have to drop our Great Dane off with a friend who is watching him while we are gone. Then we leave first thing Friday morning!
I'm nervous. We haven't been home since 2011 & while this is completely overdue - I'm super nervous. I've put no effort into losing any weight, I've lost all the baby weight but I'm not where I wanted to be for this trip. I passed up on getting my hair done because I didn't feel that was important & now I'm second guessing that too. So many people I feel we need to impress when the whole point of the trip is to introduce my son to his family. So it's not about me at all.. right?
Ever feel like if you don't look the part that people will think you are losing it? There is so much pressure to bounce back after having a child. I feel if i leave my house without my hair done & at least mascara people are going to look at me like I"m a lazy has been. "Oh she just let herself go after her first kid". And nobody judges you more then family.   Oh, this rant is for another post - actually it's a post all to itself.
We have so many changes coming when we get back - so I'm hoping and praying this vacation is good to us. We need this. We need this family time - just our small family time. We need to connect away from our routine, away from the TV and the phones. We need to have moments to play and laugh. It's going to be the last vacation we get together for a while - so lets hope this trip is amazing.
Well I better get some sleep, I have a lot to do tomorrow.
I think it's so cool that before "Little Man" turns 1 he'll have been to Washington, Arizona & Texas. Sometime this year we'll venture to Arkansas, Oklahoma & Maine.Where was your favorite family vacation? Where would you recommend visiting next??

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