Sunday, February 28, 2016


I just found out that another friend is moving away. I mean military life is hard - our husbands leave us 9 months out of a year & then the friends that we make move away too. I get super tired of making friends for them just to leave.. this year alone - this is #3. I swear I need to post an add on facebook, craigslist & the local paper just to find people to hang out with.
It's hard making friends the older that we get - why is that? Is it because we become rooted into what we believe in frienships? Or is it because the friends before us left such a mark that we can't make new ones? When I was in high school I had two of the best girl friends a person could ask for & too this day I still know both of them. {We aren't close but facebook kept us in touch or I wouldn't know anything about them.}
Then you turn 30 and it becomes harder & harder to find someone to share your life with. Maybe it's just me? Maybe I put to much stress on the situations? Maybe asking for someone who likes to come over at random times, or just pick up the phone and call is too much? To hard to go the gym, the zoo, or try out new kid places. I guess grocery shopping, shopping, or just handing out in the park is too hard too. If you can't be friends without someone exclusively through facebook or instagram then it's not worth anyone's time anymore. I mean I am full of drama & I do like to complain a lot - so I guess I should offer an award to anyone willing to tackle the title.  
This last friend fit so perfectly. We could vent - I mean really vent - about things and I didn't feel like I had to apologize or use disclaimers about what I really meant. I complain about my husband but who doesn't? I struggle with being a parent & questions how I'm doing & she got that. We vented and struggled together. I got out of my comfort zone, tried new things, stayed up late talking on the phone, shared text messages throughout the day & if it wasn't for her cat allergy - I"m sure she'd have been over here all the time. To top it off we understood each other. We had the same views on so many things & that is rare. So you add it all up and I'm losing a lot. 
Sorry - that was a little far.. but I'm so tired of finding someone that I get along with & then them moving away. I have 8 .. eight.. more years of this lifestyle & this is honestly the 2nd hardest part. I'm just so bummed .. heartbroken. What can I say other then - the older you get the harder it is to make friends. I've made a lot of friends in the past couple of years.. but this one is going to hurt the most to watch go away.
So this lonely Mom is just going to hang back and do my thing. Hopefully someone will come along and be there with me until... just until.
To those lucky people who has that friend who is always just there.. you know that person you thought of as you read this... just make sure you tell them how awesome they are. One day you could wake up and it could all change.  

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