Monday, March 28, 2016

March update.

I can't believe it's almost been a month since I posted last. My posts aren't really getting a lot of attention anymore so it's not been a priority.

One of the last posts I shared in Feb was about going to the Dr to get a sonogram to see what's going on in the baby making region. The visit has come and gone - the verdict was that we would NOT be able to have a child without medical assistance. What a bummer. Furthermore since we are going through Naval Dr's they have to approve the fertility treatments to have another child; and they have decided that we need to wait a full year between the little one being born and starting for another child. Bigger Bummer. Then to add to the pressure the husband will be gone at that year mark.. so hopefully we can prove them all wrong.

My friendship post still stands. Although I didn't get any comments; it was a largely viewed post. So I'm going to guess that people either agreed with me and didn't want to start a conversation OR people are making fun of the post. It's a serious need in my life - to find a couple of friends & so far the venture hasn't gone well. Maybe it's just the location. I keep hearing from others that live in SD that this is a horrible place to make some friends but considering I'll be here for a couple more years - that sucks. I have been posting all year that I feel that social media has killed the way we used to consider friendships to be.

I think we are done with all the big holidays. We survived our round of "first" holidays and with one more on the books: it's getting bitter sweet. I can't believe that we are about to celebrate little man's first birthday! I'm already getting stuff together to celebrate his birthday & it's very emotional. No, I really mean that I have already been purchasing stuff. Today we got our first "birthday" box in the mail & it's all so cute!! The husband will be gone & we will be celebrating all by ourselves - that is also bittersweet. So Fourth of July will be our last "FIRST" holiday and then the next weekend we will celebrate little man's FIRST birthday!! Seems like forever away but it's only four short months. 

We joined our local YMCA and we have been going almost everyday. Little man started swim lessons and we are about to graduate from that.. but we are repeating the class again next month because they feel he's too young to advance to the next course. We also joined a Mommy n Me class that I just love. We meet once a week, we sing a couple of songs, make a craft, listen to a story and sing some more. I love it. I really need to start focusing on getting my workouts and eating habit back in check. I guess if I have four months before infertilty will help us, I might as well do some good and get in the best health that I can.. right?

If you are reading my post please let me know. Any comments? Any suggestions?  I'm losing direction so any suggestions, comments, or help would be great. Thank you.


  1. ❤️ I check in from time to time. My life has been crazy with the move. I pray you meet some great friends at the mommy and me dates.

  2. ❤️ I check in from time to time. My life has been crazy with the move. I pray you meet some great friends at the mommy and me dates.