Sunday, April 24, 2016

Deployment plans

Gosh -- we are about to start deployment work ups. In the next weeks I'll be a single Mom for the first time. I'll go almost two weeks without my husband here in the evenings or on weekends. Every routine that I have created around him being gone is about to end. Have I mentioned that I don't handle change very well??? lol. I seriously can't believe that we are about to have our first deployment in 6 years!!
I have a lot of plans for this upcoming deployment months.
We have a YMCA membership that we are currently using but now I can change up my schedule an go in the evenings. We also have swim lessons that we are continuing. I have a goal to drop close to 20 pounds in the next three months. Which is a lot but you are supposed to lose close to 2 pounds a week so... 24 pounds is do-able!! I can do it!
We also have a Zoo membership to the San Diego zoo - that we use pretty often! I love going! I love checking out all the animals and seeing little man's expressions when he see's new animals.

We went last week and we got to see a Tiger up close (to the glass). He stared for a while and then said "kitty!" .. well yes I guess that a Tiger is a 'kitty' but I was so impressed!! We also got to see a Orangutan up close and he was pretty amazed by that too. Our favorite are the Giraffe's - the move around and are tall enough to catch his attention.

We also have the Beach! Oh the beaches! This little boy LOVES the Ocean! He loves the waves, the loves the sand - so we are going to make it a mission to visit as many beaches as possible! Considering there are so many beaches around here I figure we can make it a point to visit as many we can & figure out our favorites.
The original plan was to travel a bit (go to Oklahoma & Arkansas) while my husband is away but I'm not sure that's actually going to happen. We do have a puppy to pick up in Oklahoma in a couple of months but I'm not sure we are going to make a big trip out of it. Yes, another puppy. Pomeranian puppy.
We are also planning on having another baby & getting pregnant during this deployment. Since we can't get pregnant on our own we are going to use our Frozen Embryo (which is called a FET). We were going to do it this month but I felt it was way to stressful to do all of this right now - so we are going to go back in three months to do the whole process. Well I will be going back in three months to do the whole process - on my own. Yea I know.. another crazy mark but we'll talk more about this later.
I want to start going back to Church. I want to find a church family to grow with and to get a sense of a backbone. Church has always played a important role in my life & I want to give little man the same option. I think it will be another great way to make some friends and put our lives on the right track.
Another big part of our deployment will be financial building. We aren't in crazy debit - Mortgage, car payments, etc but I want to improve a bit in a couple of area's. Who doesn't?!
So in closing - we have a lot of plans for this upcoming deployment. We have a couple of adventures, a plan to stay connected with the zoo & the Y, to get our finances completely squared away & to, hopefully, extend our family. I'm sure I'll share more (in detail like I did with little man) about our next fertility journey with the FET. We aren't going to let this separation keep us down but we are going to grow.

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