Thursday, June 16, 2016

A life is a life.

There are so many bad things going on in our society.
We are all effected one way or another.
It's sad that someone makes a choice that effects so many others - it's selfish really.
My heart breaks for all of the loved ones that are now left alone because of someone's hate.

Personally my family is being 'attacked' by Cancer.
It's horrible to watch, read or listen to the updates. It's hard to have faith that we'll all pull through these moments when the future seems so bleak. It's hard to stay positive when nothing around seems bright and cheery. Everyday is just another an exhale; a sigh of relief that we are given one more day.

To think of such a sudden loss, as to what happened in Orlando, is just heart breaking. The guilt of relief of my brother in law still holding on; fighting actually - while others were slane dancing - makes me sick. The two are comparable for the simple fact that a life is a life. Everyone matters to someone; which makes us all equally important and valued.

Cancer sucks, death sucks. No matter how a life is loss, it all sucks.
Instead of pointing fingers and searching for blame - I pray we can all just simply exist. Show a little more compassion and a lot more respect.  We are all plagued with some sort of tradegy through out of our lives but it seems that tragedy is more present then ever. I could spew words or hate and accusations but that wont change what has happened.

Maybe those of us that are sad and effected by loss can just simply stand together and pray for peace and healing. Hate is the worst epidemic to hit our society since the world began. Sadly it can also be traced by to the beginning of time. We learn about it in History, watch documentaries and even celebrate it's victories and yet we learn nothing from it.

It's sad that nothing effects us until it personally effects us.

No matter how you live your life & no matter what you are going through = you mean something to someone and that is the most important thing to remember and realize.

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