Wednesday, October 26, 2016

233 days

I bought more shelves. Before you sigh in dispare - I already put them together & hung them. I'm super proud of myself.  The old uniforms are gone. My master bedroom is so close to being organized & I'm so close to feeling comfortable with closing this door. I know you are excited to hear that this topic is almost over.

So moving on. I got to put a box together for the husband. He keeps bugging me about getting his xbox and some shirts sent to him. The shirts have been ready for a couple of days but I'm procrastinating on the xbox. Once the xbox is gone it's like he's really gone and not coming back - I mean I feel like he moved out some days. All this clothes are gone, his bathroom stuff is gone, he's not making a mess in my kitchen anymore.. it's sad... and now I'm parting with the stupid xbox so that he can be happier.  Man that's really dramatic.

Sorry my life is boring. I bought a ton of maternity clothes that I'm super excited about. I took my first preggo picture to share and I'm huge. I wasn't skinny before but man I've got a huge bump for 12 weeks.

See? I've got a great little bump going on already and I'm not even half way there. but I love my new shirt! That's all. 

Again, my life is dull and full of cleaning lists and baby songs that play in the background all day long. I bought little man another bouncy ball & it's huge. His little face lit up and he just smiled and smiled and he tried to bounce it down the hallway. Gosh, kids are great. 

I gotta go change the laundry and go to bed. Hopefully my life gets more exciting soon otherwise these posts are going to fall flat on it's face long before we get close to the end of this countdown. 

Thanks for checking in anyway. 

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