Tuesday, October 25, 2016

234 days

Quick post because I am running later then usual. I love the show BULL but I hate how it pushed back NCIS New Orleans back a whole hour.. geesh.

So today was just as uneventful as the past couple. More cleaning and organizing. I cleaned out our closet - clothes anyway. I was able to pack up a ton of unused or unusable uniforms to donate to a local thrift shop. If a friend doesn't pick them up tomorrow, I'll take them Thursday for sure. I had a whole list of stuff to get done today but I got the basics done instead. I lost my motivation after first nap (1pm) for little man. I always say I'm going to do stuff while he sleeps & then never do because I'm scared it's going to wake him up. Then I realize cleaning bathrooms, windows, mopping.. wouldn't have woken him up at all. I got that procrastination brain.

So I was reading a 12 week update (pregnancy e-mail) and it described nesting as a 'urge to organize and clean your whole house'. I can assure you that I didn't have this with little man - not like I do with this pregnancy!! I haven't even gotten to the new babies room yet - oh lord! Although in a counter - I like this. I don't like the nagging feeling when everything doesn't get done but I do like how the house is changing and morphing. I do like the cleanliness and the organization - makes me feel a lot better since I have a little person investigating as much as he can. So I'm sure some of you are highly annoyed in my constant rants about getting stuff done or what not but now we all know it's pregnancy related and it shall pass... just bare with me.

Speaking of little man. Hysterical story. So every time I pee I semi shut the bathroom door and little man opens the door with this huge grin like he found me. So I play it up and he laughs. The the insta investigation mode kicks in; you see we keep the bathroom doors shut when we aren't using them so he doesn't harm himself in anyway. So being in the bathroom is a new world for him to explore and he is only allowed in when Mommy is potting, cleaning or he is getting a 'splishy splash'. So today he brought me the remote control into the bathroom & while I got up to pull my pants up the chunked the remote in the toilet and said 'uh..' because he hasn't got the 'uh-oh' combo .. (it's super cute btw)
So now the remote isn't working. Great. It was cute though.. gotta work on those ninja skills more I guess because he was fast. I'll be honest as much as this kid enjoys throwing stuff I see some little league in our future for sure!

Well my brother is coming a day early so all my plans shifted a little bit. All good. I'm excited.
I gotta get some sleep. Thanks for reading guys.. appreciate the support.. really!

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