Monday, October 24, 2016

235 days

Well I'd like to start off this post with saying - I have some amazing things to share.

I did it! I put up the shelves in my room! I know, I bet you were seriously tired of hearing about those damn shelves... right? Well I was super excited with myself. The shelfs lead to cleaning & clearing a neighborning bookcases, the top of my husbands dresser, and the top of my dresser. Needless to say I got a LOT more cleared out of the master.. just a couple more things to remove & we are post a picture of my master and be proud of it status. That's huge peeps.. HUGE.

After my cleaning binge this am I went to my first, official, OB appointment. We got to meet our OB for the first time and I was startled that it was a male. We had a full exam done, which is ackward as F  to say the least, including a pap. Scariest shit happened too - he went to use the little machine to listen to the babies heart beat & he couldn't find it. I felt the baby move because he was pressing so hard on my stomach but it freaked me out. He asked the nurse to bring in the ultrasound machine and started nervously talking to me about how & why this would happen. A few moments later our little utero baby was on the screen movin' & groovin'. I could see his/her hand waving around - touching her face. We could she her/his feet moving all about & the reason we couldn't hear the heart beat through the little microphone thing was because she/he had his/her back to us. Heartbeat was 177 and that made me happy.
I also got news that my working ban has been lifted. He said that there isn't a lot they can do about the pelvic previa except monitor it at the 20 week mark because it can shift on it's own. So he said low impact workouts - even walking a couple of miles daily - is ok. If I start spotting then I need to document the workout that I did & come in so I can have physical done. At 20 weeks they'll do a, invasive, anomaly scan and we can see if the placenta has moved at all. In the case that it hasn't they they look at the position. So kinda like a moon - we don't want a full moon. We can deal with a 'wanning' or 'waxing' crescent - so prayers please this goes away on it's own. 

After our Dr's appointment little man & I came home and took a really good long nap. After that we worked on the master a little bit, then moved to the kitchen (because god knows it's always dirty), and I tried to put up the shelf that I bought at IKEA to go over the kitchen sink. There are four screws missing so I just have to decide if I want to return it or just pick up the screws I need. Oh my first "Stichfix" box came in today! I loved everything .. really.. but it's so expensive! $68 for a maternity top.. sorry I just can't. I did, however, receive a cute pair of TOMS that I will be keeping. Also a long black/white sweater shirt; that would look great with black leggings. The other three pieces will just have to go back because $268 is a lot to swing for five items! I'm going to keep giving them a shot until Jan & I'll try to post the pictures of what I got tomorrow before I mail them back. 

I'm really pleased on how things are starting to take shape. I have a couple of bigger projects ahead before I move into tackling the nursery BUT overall tonight I feel good about my progress.  I guess three weeks was the magic number to start finding my groove. I want to say Thank you to all of you who are reading my posts - I feel alone 99% of my day but it's nice to log into blogger & see that 20 something people have read my last post. So Thank You for helping me feel not so alone. 

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