Sunday, October 23, 2016

236 days

Yesterday I turned 12 weeks with little utero baby & tomorrow we have our first OB ultrasound. I'm really excited!! A couple more weeks and we can find out gender!!!

Today wasn't as productive as it probably should have but we had some adventures outside the house. SO little Bella got out of the backyard, which prompted a search and rescue (thanks to the lady who called me). After picking Bella up I decided that we would start our day off with breakfast - so I went to Starbucks for me and McDonalds pancakes for little man. While in line at McDonalds the lady taking our order asked what kind of dog Bella was and then told me there was a 8 month old male pom at the pound. So after breakfast we went to the pound to check on the pom. And he was there but he wasn't good with kids or other dogs BUT he had also been adopted. So I found this little 2 month old white terrier and she was so sweet and I was smitten. She isn't adoptable until the 27th of Oct and they have two holds on her. So if we do want her we have to be first at the door on the 27th. OMG she was so adorable, and friendly, and sweet.. and I was thinking she might be good for Bella. A little play mate.. the husband thinks I'm crazy but gave me the green light if I really wanted to take on another dog.

After we left the pound, empty handed, a friend of mine came over to watch the Chargers game. She stayed for about an hour and bailed. While she was here I gave her a tour of the house and I could feel how embarrassed I was and I don't want to feel that way anymore. Believe me I have made a lot of headway so far. My master bedroom look so much better now. It's just a work in progress and I gotta keep working until I'm satisfied. I also have to keep reminding people that the husband & I rented 3 of our 4 bedrooms out for four years. A lot of our stuff got crammed into our master to make more living room for everyone else. So dejunking could also be described as reorganizing. We aren't pack rats but we have put a lot of stuff into a very small space & now it's time to filter through it all and find it a home. Here or else where. 

I've also got to look up how to clean a litter box while pregnant. I think I need a mask or something but I'm not going to scoop out litter - I'm just dumping the box each time and refilling with litter. I'm sure in the long run that's more expensive but I'm also sure that it's a hell of a lot cleaner. Tempted to just throw the stupid thing out but I do catch the cats using it every now and again. 

Anyway after my friend left little man & I ventured to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things. I accidently bought the gel deodorant instead of the solid - and for some reason the gel doesn't work on me.. so I had to go pick up deodorant. Also this is my 2nd pregnancy with really bad dry scalp. So I bought some coconut oil to lather on my scalp this evening - because it really works for me. That's not all I bought but we didn't really buy anything super exciting either. 

Later little man & I ordered pizza and settled in to watch the new "The Walking Dead" season premier. I forgot how violent that show was.. man it's graphic. After that I need to cleanse my mind so I watched a HallMark movie I had saved on my DVR. Little man fell asleep shortly after 8pm. I decided to treat myself and give myself a facial while I used the coconut oil on my scalp. The facial was heavenly which lead to me wanting a massage. I really should try to make time for that in Nov. I'm sure I can get away with is since it's my birthday month and all. 

Well I'm gotta get off = the great dane just threw his dinner up on my bedroom carpet. I was all snuggled in for the night too. Damn. I hope everyone had a great weekend & I'd love to hear some feedback from you readers. I'd like to hear how your weekend went or what you thought of "The Walking Dead" season premier . 

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