Thursday, October 20, 2016

239 days

Little man & I went to go pick up a beer mug that my husband had engraved for his sponsor during Chief season. We picked up some of his sponsor's favorite candy & mailed the the mug out. I wasn't thinking about my husbands X-Box so we have to go back and mail that off this weekend. Now that we know it could take a whole week for the packages to arrive, I need to make sure I get it done asap.

After we arrived home we got some great play time in - man this little man loves these bouncy balls! I'm so happy he does because we are learning so many new things! I'm so surprised on how quickly he has picked up 'bouncing' instead of just rolling it around. we got a good nap in and he woke up super cranky. I completely forgot about his teething and couldn't figure out what the problem was. I made chicken pot pies, which he normally loves, and he didn't touch it at all. We have gotten to the point where he'll only eat fruit specifically strawberries. At least it's healthy.. right? I gave him a bath, some infant tylenol and put some vicks on the bottom of his feet. I'm sure the vick's doesn't help with teething but hey.

Made a to do list and got 4 out of 6 items completed. Super proud of myself. As soon as I finish this post I'll knock out the master bath before we go to bed, just leaving a load of a laundry that needs to be done tomorrow. I'm so happy I got that kitchen floor mopped. Little man has a habit of throwing food off his tray, for Bella, when he is done eating. So those floors were pretty neglected but man I feel better to get so much accomplished. I bet you are excited too because it's annoying to keep hearing me whine about not getting stuff done.

I got a 'girls night' invite. I'm super happy about that! Now to find a sitter to see if this is even going to be possible. Super excited to just be invited! My brother will be here for a day tomorrow & I have a fun day planned for Sunday. We have a weekend getaway planned for one of the first weekends in Nov to visit a farm petting zoo. So things are looking up.

Today was a good day! How was your Thursday?


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