Tuesday, October 18, 2016

241 days.

Today we got out of the house pretty early. I wanted to get as much of our errands done before Little Man's nap time so that I could join in and get stuff done around the house after he woke up. We started off at Ross where I bought some maternity shirts & a couple of baby girl outfits. I also got Little man an outfit. A fight broke out between two women in the store so I got out in a hurry - don't even know what the fight was about to be honest - all I know is my baby was in the store and I wanted out.  I ended up leaving a whole bag of clothing, that I paid for, in the store! Turns out it was all my maternity clothing too. The store agreed that I could pick it up tomorrow.  After Ross we went a couple stores down to Micheal's where we bought some finger paints, these huge pom poms (which little man loves) and four blue and white anchor ribbon spools. After Micheal's we went to Target and on the way my air pressure warning went off again, it went off yesterday and the day before also. I stopped in at a Discount Tire, had them check out the pressure and they found three nails in one tire. We ended up putting two new tires on the SUV{{total side note here. Ladies & Gents do NOT let a tire co tell you that you can only replace ONE tire are a time ESP if they are all bad and ESP if they are your back tires. Tires should ALWAYS be bought in pairs - it helps with your alignments and your axel.}} and they promised me an hour. So I took my cranky little man to target in his stroller, where he passed out on the walk there, and I got to shop basically by myself. I picked up more little girl clothes, another outfit for little man, two bouncy balls, more finger paints, looked at some double strollers, got lunch and some fabulous butter popcorn. Walked back to DT and they hadn't even started on my car - 54 min later! I was furious! They promised me an hour and it was completed closer to the end of 2. So a very tired and cranky 15 month old in a tire store that is full of quietly waiting other customers.. lord.

We made it home. Not much of anything productive happened after that. I really really need to get these floors mopped & my brother arrives on Thursday so I gotta get this house cleaned, and the guest room set up. Fun note I had a great convo with the hubby today; who was less then pleased on all the little girl clothing without knowing gender. I mean it's a whole 20 outfits that include onesies, pants, and pj's. I think we are off to a great start considering I had WAY more then this at 11 weeks for little man. Anyway I can hold off shopping for more clothes for the next months. I mean I don't want a whole bunch of long sleeved clothing anyway.

That's all I got. My 'special' gift from the hubby arrives tomorrow so hopefully we are home when it arrives!! I'll have to share with you all what it is! Well - have a great night and I have a fun surprise to announce next week to those of you who are reading my posts.

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