Monday, October 17, 2016

242 days

Today was a very tiring day.  I spend the morning looking through different websites for a double stroller that I want. I mean the morning just flew past and before I knew it we were ready for our 10:30 nap (well Little Man's nap time not mine). I actually did fall asleep during his morning nap today but we got up and went grocery shopping. The whole event of getting grocery's is so exhausting but the worst for me unloading the vehicle.. blech. I got everything unloaded and all the cold/frozen put away. Little man took his second nap, which the one I usually join him on, in the car so I was exhausted this evening.
We did get to talk to the husband for a 20 min block while eating dinner - that was nice! After little man went to bed I cleaned the kitchen. This morning it was all clean and put together & tonight it was like a war zone. Just how?? Seriously only two of us and you'd think we had a huge get together or something - I just don't understand.
Tomorrow I've got to mop these floors and put the remaining homeless groceries away. My goal is to also hang up the white shelves I bought for my bedroom, that I talked about yesterday. I forgot to charge the drill today. I need to make a big long to do list and start checking off all the things that need to be done. I made a chore chart on excel but I'm trying to do such a deep purge that the chore chart seems irrelevant at the moment. I also want to make it to Micheal's and Target to get some sensory play items. Little man is really into bouncy balls right now - you know the medium sized 'dodge ball' type. I also want to pick up some type of water colors and I really would like to find some type of edible saving cream foam. That made no sense. I want something like shaving cream he can play with on his high chair tray but I'd like it to be edible since he's a baby still.
The husband told me to be on the look out for a gift on Wed. Can't wait to share with you guys what it is. Hopefully it's a babysitter so I can go see a movie. Or maybe it's maid for a day. A girl can dream yea?
I hope everyone had a great Monday. Next Monday I have my first official OB appointment and I'm super excited to see the baby again. Well, anyway - goodnight and God Bless.

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