Sunday, October 16, 2016

244 & 243 days

Recap of day 244 {yesterday}.
We had a birthday party for a friends son who turned one. It was a sweet little party. I loved the theme and the detail they put into it. The gift that we bought hasn't arrived yet - even though it was a prime item and I paid for next day shipping ($16.99) but fedex isn't delivering it until tomorrow. Really upset about that but it's not the end of the world. After we left the birthday party, we came home for an hour before going to get food at Olive Garden b/c I was craving a salad. Little man also loves spaghetti so it was a win - win. After little man went to bed, around 8, a new friend came over to eat dinner with me and watch a movie. We didn't really watch a movie, we just set around and talked. Her fiance' is with my husband in Maine & obviously on the same ship. They guys met here in SD a couple months ago and have become fast friends so we felt it was time to get to know one another. It was a very nice evening. We ended our night around 12:30 and I was exhausted.

Today I took a slower approach to my day. I got all the laundry done in the house - hung up and put away {yay me!} and organized kitchen drawers. We have already thrown out so many things we haven't used so the utensil drawer was a to do item. Later I went to IKEA with my girlfriend K & then we went out to dinner at Souplantation (I'm really craving salads). At IKEA I bought a new rack to hang above our kitchen sink to help with the counter clutter, bought a new utensil holder (so now we have two full ones), multi colored kid dish set, a dish drying rack, and wooden cutting board. I don't shop IKEA very often but I thought I managed the buying impluse really well. Little man feel asleep on the way home but woke up as soon as I tried to change him into his pj's. I should have just left him but I knew he needed a diaper change & if you are going to do a diaper change you might as well change the clothing too. He's been up since 8 and it's now 11:30. Finally down for the night which means he'll sleep in until apx 830 tomorrow morning - which is why I went ahead and wrote this post.

the funny thing about organization & declutter is that it brings such disorganization and clutter with  it until you iron out all the little details. Much like life. When you make a big change in your personal life, things seem to get messy - harder even - but if you plow through it's usually worth it. That's how I feel about the house. I now have 4.. yes 4.. empty clothes baskets that we were full of stuff we needed to remove from the house. I have done 3 purges through the master, which lead to purchasing two shelves ( I need apx 8 total) but if you looked at my room you couldn't tell that I've worked an hour a day for a week on it. I know the end reward will be worth it but man it's so chaotic.  right now. I keep saying that my purges are from my pregnancy but my friend K said it could just be a way to deal with my husband being gone. It's the first chance for me to really put my stamp on the place without getting distracted. I can set my own pace and really focus on what I'm doing. I think she's right but I also think it's a little of both.

Well I have decided to make an appointment to have a 3D ultrasound done at 14 weeks so we can find out gender of the baby. So hopefully in three weeks the baby will cooperate and I can start really planning this nursery. Worse comes to worse we find out at 20 weeks but I'd like to know so I can start picking up clothes. The husband talked me into it really. So I have a question for you Mommy's of little girls. If we are having a girl, which is what I think we are, I'd like to purchase all her furniture in white. I want the same exact 4 n 1 crib and exact dresser that little man has but his is in dark cherry. My question is.. as she gets older .. like 13 and up.. white is a good color right? I don't know why the white screams girl to me.. maybe because it's softer. Is that a good plan or should I do the exact same color in both rooms also??  The husband is no help and just says "get what you want". I really don't plan on buying a new furniture set for either one of them.. ever.

We have made it a full week since the husband left & we've done ok. A couple more things to work on and hopefully get a new rhythm going for our day. Time management is key with a toddler. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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