Friday, October 14, 2016

245 days

Hopefully I can make a real quick post simply because it's already so late. Little man literally feel asleep 20 min ago and he's usually out by 8pm.
Nothing to really report for today other then I got a lot of work done on the house. I got little man's carpet's shampoo'd, the master really dejunked & thankfully my new shelving for the master came in today. My brother will be here next week so I'm going see if he has time to help me because I am horrible at screw alignment. Everything is starting to come together, I think. I really need to focus on my 'time management' because that is really hurting me. It's a constant push off system, which I loath deeply. "OH I'll wait until nap time" then nap time arrives "Well I have to be quiet so he doesn't wake up". Then once he wakes up nothing gets accomplished that I stated would during his nap time. I have a lot of self work I need to accomplish - in a good healthy way.

I'm having a inner debate about gender with baby #2. The husband talked me into not finding out gender with little man. I kind of want to have that experience again of knowing at the end. We already have names picked out and we already have a lot of left over baby stuff. I just need to really focus on a room decor and clothing. You see I had a feeling the whole pregnancy that I was having a boy & I was right . I'm pretty sure this little one is a girl but I'm apprehensive in starting to purchase clothing. This point in my pregnancy with little man I already had a whole mountain of things, we had already locked in on a theme.. I'm really slacking. So this morning I looked up the earliest you can find out gender and I'm tempted to make a 3d ultrasound appointment at 14 weeks and just KNOW the gender. If we are having a little girl I want to create this little pink butterfly oasis for her nursery and start picking out cute little dresses and leggings and headbands. Do I find out or not??

Speaking of pregnancy weeks - tomorrow I'll be 11 weeks preggo! Say what?! I feel like we just got told we were having a baby.. and now it's 11 weeks. I can't believe the first trimester is almost over! I'm so anxious to go back to my OB and hopefully get cleared of this placenta previa so I can go back to the gym! Gosh I miss the gym! I miss having a hour to myself and it makes you feel so much more centered. I got a lot more done in a day when I started my day off at the gym so hopefully this whole thing healed itself and we are back to normalish buisness.

Alright last thing.. with Christmas (my 2nd fav holiday of the year {Even though that could be debatedable by those around me}) I have no idea what to get my son for Christmas. He has everything already! I have no idea what an 18 month old could possibly ask Santa for. I got him the color crew plush crayons, a little people sail boat with a sailor, a couple of bouncy balls and a little tikes push car for his main gift. I already ordered and received his Christmas monogrammed pj's from #gentrycalifornia What else, or does he need anything else, I think he's good yea? Man Christmas is hard to do.. lost more respect for the "santa's" out there!  oh, I've got to find Stockings and a tree skirt for this year (so finding out gender before that purchase would be nice because lord knows it's so hard to find the same stocking patterns again).

Alright I'm out - we have a birthday party to attend tomorrow and then a movie date in the evening. Have a great weekend everyone & thank you for reading my posts.

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