Wednesday, October 12, 2016

247 days

So just a little FYI - the countdown dates aren't exactly exact. Due to safety reasons the numbers have been altered higher or lower to offset the exact date of the ships arrival in San Diego. So.. with that being said ... lets get this day documented.

Today was a much better morning as far as Little man's wake up schedule and my own. We seemed to have woken up apx 10 min apart - so that made me feel a whole lot better. We got through breakfast and decided to have a 'home' day considering tomorrow is so busy. I had a list of  "to do's" to get done today and well let's just say that Friday will be much busier then expected. So after breakfast we 'attempted' an art project idea that I found on pinterest.
First off Little man didn't like the feel of the zip lock bag the paper was in. We also only used one color - orange for Halloween. So after a few minutes of trying to get him interested in the paint through the bag (I really need to make him so edible paints for). So after the paint I cleaned up the tray and him from breakfast and left the paper to dry for a moment. I thought the paper would be too saturated to remove it from the zip lock bag - so I let it dry. I let it dry a little too long because the paper was stuck to the zip lock bag and his picture ended up breaking in half. :( So if you try this project just remember that your child might not like the feel of the bag and remove your artwork once your baby had completed the project. I will try again for sure though.

After breakfast - which was a english muffin and strawberries for me- I became overwhelmed with nausea. Extremely overwhelmed. The nausea led to a headache and then body chills.. you know that goosebump off over your body feeling? So anyway my day was shot. Later in the morning I started experiencing diarrhea which absolutely freaked me out. {I have a reason for sharing this} After the fourth trip to the bathroom I called the Dr's office. I went to the store to get some fluids with electrolights (gatorade) and some kind of soup. The Dr's office called while at the store and the nurse explained that when you have morning sickness (nausea is considered part of morning sickness) that you don't get all the nutrients that you need. So when your body gets too low on the nutrients that you need and substitute the food for liquid you are prone to have diarrhea. She suggested that I eat chicken broth - straight chicken broth and delute the gatorade the remaining of today and tomorrow. I have spent the rest of the day laying around and trying to recover - the chicken broth was actually really good and I haven't had any issues from drinking it. It made my stomach feel so much better which helped me save my evening with Little man. I feel so horrible feeling bad because then I'm not giving 100% to little man and he really needs that right now. I know he doesn't understand what happened to Daddy and Mommy not being 100% has to be really confusing.

So other then that we didn't get a whole lot done today & like I said above we have a big day tomorrow. Hopefully we will be to get stuff done Friday because I really need to focus on getting this house dejunked and reorganized.

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