Tuesday, October 11, 2016

248 days

So we made it through day 2.
Today started off really slow. I swear I need help hearing my kid wake up - he just gibber gabbers all early in the mornings. He woke up around 6:38 (according to the baby monitor) but I manged to not hear him for an hour. A whole hour. What kind of parent am I? Who doesn't hear their child talking and babbling for an hour? I know someone is going to have fun with this but I'm being real  & that really bothered me that I didn't hear my kid wake up. So have fun with that if you want.

I managed to do four loads of laundry - that aren't folded and put away - but they are clean. I did manage to fold my sons laundry and instead of putting it away during his nap - I took a shower. Anyway after he woke up he decided to throw all the clothes around the room & on the dog. That was fun to watch, no really it was, he is hysterical. He gets so excited over his little accomplishments even though it's a straight destruction of my hard work.

While doing the 3rd load of laundry one of my acrylic nails just fell off. I mean just fell the f off. Like it wasn't attached with super glue and some clear powder. Anyway we ended up waiting for second nap and then we ran to the nail salon. I got a new set of acrylic's put on and then we went to Target. I know I felt like a little house wife cliche too. We ended up picking one of the two gifts for birthday parties this weekend. I also scored some super cute shirts in 18m and 2T, which he isn't wearing yet, for $4.50 a shirt. Go me. After Target we went to Chipolte, another cliche I'm sure, for dinner. Once we arrived home we ate our dinner and got to talk to the husband.

The husband is doing good. We got to talk for a little bit, as I said, he even helped me pick out the birthday gift via text messaging. Which was a pretty high - high in my book. It was if he was with me. He mentioned that he liked that little man and I weren't just sitting at home but trust me it's harder to sit and home then it is to leave the house. At home his energy is still in the house and it's hard. Just this morning I was cleaning up the house, the trash needed to go out & I thought "oh I'll have Ben do that when he gets home". Just a super casual thought. POP. Later cleaning the master bath after my shower, amazing how those two coincide, I thought "oh I should have Ben clean out the litter box for me later". BAM. It just hits me over and over and over again.. he isn't coming home for 248 more days. He's not at work, he's not on a duty day.. he is gone. On deployment - just so that clarify because that could have been read totally different.

Tomorrow is a off day for us. NO plans. Thursday is a pretty big day for the both of us and then another off day for Friday. BUT hopefully we don't have a dull moment. The fact is we have been slowly dejunking the house. I have been going through the whole house and throwing anything and everything out that we haven't touched in 6 months or longer. So far I have really dulled down the master bedroom, where the majority of the junk is, and the future baby room. I gotta call 1800GOTJUNK to clear out some bigger items. So hopefully I get more of that done this week and get to the back yard before trash day on Monday. Agh! The anxiety of getting all of this stuff done!! Ok I'm off to fold three baskets of laundry and then off to bed I go.

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