Monday, October 10, 2016


I want to start off with saying that this little 'thunder bean' has to be a girl. This little baby is 10 weeks and already controlling so much! (lol) At first this little baby wanted nothing but Strawberries (and how we both survived is a miracle - let me tell you!) Now it's a guessing game - not a fun one. I constantly think about pizza but the moment you put a slice in front of me... It's so confusing. Little Man was picky in the fact that I craved potatoes and green apples. This little one really enjoys fruit and esp red apples... do you see the struggle. lol The great part is that the first trimester is almost over and that means that I should be able to eat almost anything I want!! I'm also super excited that I'm not craving sweets!! Ok, enough baby complaining - I'm truly excited to be having another beautiful baby!
On another note to this whirlwind they diagnosed use with 'placenta previa' which just means that placenta is in front of the cervix. It has caused a couple of issues but nothing major. We have our next OB appointment on the 24th and I'll find out more information. Right now I'm not allowed to work out and that is killing me! Hopefully this heals itself, like the said it could, and we can just move on because working out would really help me manage all this stress. Even if it's something really simply like yoga or squats - which were specifically listed on the 'no list'.
I have seriously have got to find my rhythm with being a single parent. Although I feel like I have taken today to really mourn (silly way to word that) but I have really got to get it together. I woke up to baskets of laundry because we have put it off to enjoy our last week. The house is so filthy, in my opinion, and I really really need to do a huge purge of our house. I want to purge the house to the point our neighbors think we are moving.. seriously we have collected so much junk and things we don't even use. I have got to find a way to remove a lot of this clutter. I'm going to blame the purge on the baby and call it mega nesting. LOL
Today is day two of my husband being gone, hence the post title, and I felt a little off. I did, however, feel a lot better then I did yesterday. The husband helped by facetiming his new digs and somehow that was comforting. We made a list of things he needed to obtain for the living quarters and we had a great conversation. I took little man to Wal-Mart to go get some Halloween decorations and just get out of the house. It was a nice distraction but once we got home the house seemed so empty. I'm sure it will take a week or so to get used to not having someone around to help.
Alright that's all I got for you. My life is incredibly boring to the masses but hey we can't all be Kim's and Kanye's. Thanks for stopping by and reading - I appreciate it.

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