Tuesday, November 1, 2016

227 days

Thankfully - today was a hell of a lot better then yesterday.
I was really excited that Bella slept out of her crate last night and didn't tear anything up!! Of course she made up for that later by getting two pairs of VS undies & my fav sun glasses. This dog is really testing my patience & I'm getting worried it's in prep for baby #2.

I bought a "saline fetal doppler" after my last appointment & I woke up this morning excited to give it a try - again. It was a great way to start my day to be honest & I found the babies heart beat right away!   That energized my morning enough that I was able to get some basic house chores done. I thought I had a hair appointment for little man today but due to miscommunication - it's tomorrow. So we ended up going back to Target to return the purchases that I didn't actually leave with. I also had the intention in going to the San Diego Public Library but the Target trip took so long that we didn't make it.

Just so you know - if you leave paid for items at Target & come back they will make you wait while loss prevention finds the purchase on camera. Then after he confirms that you left your purchase you can either go get the exact items to take home OR they can give you a gift card for the purchase amount. They will not refund an item that didn't 'actually' leave their store even through it's been paid for. That really ticked me off - considering both items left behind were for Halloween. So after some arguing they let me trade the two items for other items for the same amount. I was really hoping for a refund considering I didn't want or need anything. So that's how that works.. just don't leave your purchases at a store - lol.

The worst part of Halloween being over is all the ghost shows that plague the channels - I love watching them & I'm really sad they are all over.  I'm eager to take down the few decorations that I have up. I'm not a huge Halloween fan so the whole dress your house up is lost on me, but I'm trying for my kids who will love it. I just want to keep cleaning and reorganizing before it's time to start Christmas decor. To be honest.. I usually go all out on Christmas but I'm tempted to not put any decorations up. I'll be 20 weeks pregnant, by myself & with a 18 month old. Chances are I'll be fighting little man with the tree & I'm not really looking forward to that. I can, however, put up all the other decorations that aren't in his reach. OR I could put the tree up, put up the lights on it (which is my favorite part) and leave it bare. hmmm.

One last quick thing - I'm really in love with the new Starbucks holiday cup! I love the idea of something new & unique! I love that they are showing a community of togetherness & I can't believe how much outrage this has caused. Are people that petty that they have to complain about a company's 'good intention' design?  I had to look up the meaning of the cups design and I was so happy to ready that it has nothing to do with this stupid election. It's like last year all over again!! So Silly. {If you haven't read the article from Starbucks then you should before place judgement - NBC}

Tomorrow we have little man's 2nd hair cut & I really should try to make it to the library to exchange those books. I'd rather find a play area for little man to go and enjoy - I'll look into that after I wrap up this post. How exciting. Hope everyone had a great 1st of Nov!

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