Thursday, November 10, 2016

Day 218

I have more to add from yesterday's post but I'm going to try and give it a rest. God knows I'm sure we are all really tired of hearing so much about the election & how we have the wrong president - elect. I can't roll my eyes enough - speaking of rolling eyes; they need to add that to the emoji's on facebook. I swear I could have used the eye rolling emoji instead of a heart or laughing or angry face.

So little man has decided that he'll take a morning nap but he wont take a afternoon nap anymore. That is killing me! By 2:30 my body is done and i need a nap. I know the 2nd trimester you are supposed to have more energy but dude I need to get a nap too. SO I guess I'm going to have to change nap time to the mid mornings (11:3-1) instead of trying to make it until 3. I know, life is difficult.. lol

Nothing else much to report. I'm constantly on the go. cleaning, cooking, picking up essentials, trying to create fun things for little man. I'm concerned that at all most 16 months he isn't really talking much. So we are working on names, like the dogs names. He does a really good job at recognizing animals but not saying their names or the sounds they make. I'm sure it's a little early but I guess it's better to stay on top of it then worry when we are behind it.

I gotta a couple of big items to remove from the babies room. So I'm going to get a crew together, or try, so that I can get started painting this room in before the first of December.

Well my battery is going to die so I'm out for today. I hope everyone has had a great week.

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