Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 199

WOW - we are in the 100's now! I'm sure that the numbers are inaccurate and there will be a extension (because there is always a extension). I hope everyone was able to take advantage of the great bargains that were about this weekend! I for one found a great deal for Little Man at ToysRus and he ended up with another item. I swear I was done shopping for him in October but somehow I just keep slowly adding.  So I found this 2 n 1 Activity table that was one side has a smooth surface and the other has a LEGO side. It comes with two chairs and was on sale for $29.99 but originally $49.99. The husband and I thought it was a great deal so I went to the store and picked it up Monday. The only cyber thing I bought Monday was undies from Victoria's Secret massive sale. 10 pairs for $37.50! Totally overstocked but that's ok.

Over the weekend little man got his Christmas photo's done. I decided to skip the mall scene and find a independent photographer, who happens to be a friend, who was having a Santa present. I got a couple of previews today and they are amazing!! She takes the most amazing pictures of little man! Too bad I already got our Christmas cards done because both of these could have been easy picks! {Side note: I used shutterfly for our Christmas cards this year & used a coupon for 50% off.. couldn't beat it! We will also be revealing baby #2's name in the cards.. so I'm excited to get those mailed out!}
Back to Little Man:

I mean he is adorable!! I love the pictures, I love the fact that she used his own stocking and I love that Santa is reading him a Dr Suess story. My friend does a great job in capturing his personality too. I love that she's really laid back and just lets him do his thing with the props that she provides. The only thing I would change is having the year somewhere in the picture. The mall Santa has the year printed on their pictures but that's small potatoes.

Gosh, he is growing up so fast! In a short couple of weeks we will start potty training.. seriously.. where is the time going?? He was just a 'wittle' baby a couple of days ago. 
Speaking of babies.. little bro had a visit Monday. His heartbeat was 150, I have gained 2 whole pounds in 17 weeks (which i'm worried about but the Dr didn't say anything). I have my glucose test this Saturday (I gotta take mine early since I had the whole preg Diabetes thing with Little man). We have our anatomy scan on Dec 21st, which Dad will be here for (so excited about that!) and we don't go back until Jan 5th!
I started on his nursery & I'm super excited on how awesome everything is turning out. The room is completely painted (as seen to the right) I bought the bedding over the weekend during all the super sales because it was all on sale. Most of the bedding has already arrived and I'll post a picture once it all is here. The instructions for the decals says I need to wait 30 whole days for the paint to dry before applying them.. crazy sauce. I wish I had known that because I am dying to put everything all together.. well what I can anyway.
So as soon as the paint is dry I get to recreate the whole 'transportation' decals all over again. {I have to admit that I even bought more decals because I didn't have enough cars}((my husband is going to kill me.. shhhh). I bought the dump truck set separately because it came with his name & I had the intention of creating a whole durt scene. So I went back and bought more cars and a couple more airplanes and a couple more tree's. I only got one tree so I needed a couple more, Oh and I bought more gray roads.. I just didn't have enough. The cars actually lay on the gray road so the cars will be placed differently than shown. It's going to be fun putting all of this together.
I knew I couldn't compete with Little man's Dr Suess theme but this is just as fun! I love the bold primary colors, I love that he can grow into this theme and I don't have to change it as he gets older because it's babyish. Oh, and that green.. is the exact same green we used for little man's room & I think that's pretty awesome!! So I'm very happy with all the things coming together.

With all being said.. we are in a good place right now. The baby is growing and everything seems good. Little man is thriving and growing; which is a blast to watch. I beat myself up a lot because my house is not clean enough, or I feel like Little man should be doing more..I know I have some area's that I need to work on but overall I think we are good.  There is a imaginary pressure to keep up or to out do other parents and kids - but I try really hard to just let it flow. I do think I have been really relaxed on boundaries but I also feel he's too young to really understand what a boundary is. So.. I really teeter totter on a things like that. However boundaries are going to really come into play with potty training after Christmas. It's hard being a single, pregnant, parent. I'm tired all the time but I keep going for little man. I do take naps instead of mopping or vacuuming. I do need to exercise more, which will be great for the both of us. SO I can admit that improvements could be made but I'm really happy at where we are at the moment.

Ok that's all for nights, it's almost midnight. I gotta get some sleep. Have a great day & I'd love to hear what deals you go over the weekend.

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