Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 206.

I'm happy to say that the dates on the blog are wrong because the husband got approved for Christmas leave!! So we have a little over  27 days!!! Merry Christmas to us! I'm really excited because I didn't think they'd let them come home! 

I also had mentioned that we found out gender of the baby & yesterday I announced gender to the social media world. I am very happy to say that....
I was really shocked because I thought we were having a girl. I was wrong and I'm super excited it's another boy. With that being said I'll announce his name here first since I shared gender on instagram & instagram. The name we have chosen is: 
Michael Christopher. 

As far as news: 
My birthday was yesterday & I turned 25 again - lol. 
My brother was in port here for a week & I was very happy to get to spend time with another adult.
I already put up my Christmas tree & lights on the house. (When you have help you utilize it)
I've decided that I don't care that my floors don't sparkle like they used too because I'm just too tired to really care. I have put together a list of things to complete for the day & if they don't get done - we'll that's ok. My OCD really freaks out every once in awhile but I'm only one person. One person who is taking care of a 16 month old and currently creating another. My support system is on social media not IRL so I do what I can with what I can. 

Well that's all I really have well today. I know I haven't really posted a whole lot but I can only do what I can do! I am excited to get some Christmas cards done though. I gotta get those ordered here pretty soon. I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving holiday! 

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