Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 214

It is harder to write a post everyday when you aren't really doing anything exciting - lol.
I'm writing during nap time because the evening writing sessions get harder and harder to do.

Last Monday we went to a fun inside play area called "Funbelievable" & little man had the best time. So we are going again today as soon as he wakes up from his morning nap. They have a "hero" monday special - so all firefigher, officer and military families get in for $5. It helps him burn off energy, play with other kids & I'm all for that. You can only spend enough time at home.. ya know?
My plan is to put this on the calendar for Monday's so he can go and play. The social skills are so important & getting out of the house is too. Bonus is they have a snack bar (with a working kitchen) and they have a ton of couches for the parents to just sit back and let the kids play. Little man still needs to be watched really closely, obviously, but it's nice that I can sit on the couch and watch him in the ball room or while he's in the infant area (as pictured).
I really like this place - a lot!
So this weekend we went to a birthday party - It was so much fun! There was about 8 or 9 boys running around. There was a set of twins that were a couple of months older than little man - oh man they hit it off right away! One of the twins, S, was really interested in playing with little man. Halfway through they put down these pillow mats (you know the ones from pinterest with the pillows in the sewn together pillow cases) and let the boys be boys. It was adorable! Since little man doesn't have a older sibling to rough house with, he got taken down quite a bit. He laughed the whole time & he just had a great time! 

It was great to see him, again, acting like a kid. He needs to be around kids his age so he can learn. I really want to get to know the twins Mom so we can have bi-weekly play dates. I think it is so important for little man esp now that he'll be a big brother.

We have also started instituting outside play time. I bought him a jungle gym for his birthday that we haven't really played with. I got that out the other day and set up a little water area too. He wasn't interested in the jungle gym or the water area - he just was so happy to be bouncing his bouncy balls around! He kicked the ball then would chase after it. He had a great time for a little while & then got tired of being outside. It just made me realize that he's at that age where I need to start really creating activities for him to do. I have a board on pinterest just for this but we haven't really done a whole bunch of them. It's hard to not think of him as a baby still but he's not. He's almost 18 months old... he'll be two before I know it. So I've got to start really paying attention to his developmental surroundings and allowing him to really get creative and learn to play. Our Y has a Mommy & Me time on Tuesdays - we used to attend it all the time! He was just too young for the class but now I think we can start back and really get involved.

Being a parent is a lot harder than it seems. These kids are constantly growing and it's so important for them to soak up as much as they can when they are little. They learn so much from newborn to five - it's important that he gets involved and starts really learning how to play and interact with other kids. Being a single parent right now - a single pregnant parents - i'm not always on top of it but I know for him it's important so I'll make the time and put in the effort. Well I'm going to try and get a nap in while he naps. Gotta get my energy up so I can really do these things I was just talking about.

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