Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Day 219

Man it took forever to receive this laptop charger!! I'm so glad that it's back & I couldn't have arrived on a better day - IMO.

I'd like to catch you up on the 8 days that we missed. To be honest you really didn't miss that much, my life isn't that exciting. Little man & I both got haircuts - I even had a friend come watch little man so I could relax and take some time off. It was very weird to not have my little guy with me but really needed time away!! The following Saturday, the 5th, I asked another friend to watch little man so I could attend a 'girls night out'. I went out with a group of ladies that I met during chief season & we had a great time!! Again, it was time off that I really needed. On Monday I had a ultrasound for baby #2 out in town so we could find out gender. but I will share a ultrasound picture with you all.

I am not going to share gender with you today - you'll just have to wait until for the reveal. So that pretty much catches us up on all the things I haven't blogged about in the last couple of days.

So before I go I wanted to try and lightly touch on the election. I know, I know. We are all so tired of talking, reading and hearing about it.. but I have couple of things to say. First off - I wasn't able to vote because the county in Texas I was registered to vote in didn't add me to the mail in ballet list. By the time I called it was after the registration deadline; so unless I was taking a roadtrip to vote.. it wasn't happening. I was livid. I have followed this whole process from the beginning and I was very devastated that my vote wouldn't count. So before you call me yelling about our elected 45th president .. please remember that I didn't have a chance to vote.

I was all aboard the "Make America great again" slogan because: 

We do need change.
I want my kids to be able to play outside, ride their bikes in the neighborhood & not be scared.
I want my kids to try out for a play or a sport and not just get the part.
I want them to feel the pride of winning or the determination of failure.
I want my kids to learn the way they need to not be put in a certain box and expected to perform like everyone else.
I don't want them to learn to a test that determines where they rank but what will help them learn more.
I'd like children to learn to respect all walks of life, all races, all genders, and especially their elders. Our kids don't really learn that anymore & it starts at home but continues to grow in school.
I don't want to pressure my kids to go to college (it will be encouraged) especially if they aren't good in school - so the thought of having a trade school to follow back on would be great! I mean let's face it we aren't all great in school & most families can't afford college even though it's required.  
I don't want to be scared to go somewhere with my kids. Sadly that happens a lot because you never know how people are going to respond. That's so scary.
I want to take the sex and the inappropriate stuff off of TV, or at least make it all after 7pm. We can't teach our kids to respect other genders if we aren't respecting it because they learn through us.

With that - you don't know what people will say to your kids (or to you in front of your kids) - it's like we don't have filters anymore. Sadly we have come so far from the basic manners & respect that it's infuriating. I don't want my kids to be social piranha's by being so different but you want them to have respect and manners. You want them to excel and grow individually and become the people they are meant to be.

So I don't agree 100% with the views of Trump or with Hillary but Trumps slogan really made me think. Our country needs a good wake up call but I'm not sure Trump is the one who's going to start the domino effect. That's up to us.. the people.. to bring us back to what used to be and make some upgrades to the system. It may seem far fetched but I think winning the election was far fetched to Trump when he started this too. I may not have voted for the man but he is our Commander in Chief now.. so good or bad we should stand together as a nation and support our country.

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