Saturday, December 31, 2016

Day 3

Happy New Year's Eve!
I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while but things got super busy towards the holiday.
Our Christmas went great! The husband came in and we had a great little short week together.

Monday we took little man to this awesome place called "Funbelievable". We go on Monday's because they have a "hero day" and we get in for $5. I love that now he can have a memory with Dad being present because he loves this place.

They have this huge ball pit that I want to copy in our backyard because he loves it so much. They also have these plastic ball pits that you can sit in - which I copied at home already.
Anyway we had a lot of tun and I'm glad that Dad came with us and they both had a ton of fun together. It was also nice to sit back and watch him run around instead of chasing him everywhere.

After we left "Funbelieveable" we came home and put the nursery furniture together. I love how the room just came together and though it's still a work in progress, it feels more like a nursery now.
 All of the decals are on the wall now, and the curtains are almost ready. I bought the wrong size so I had to send those back for a bigger size. The room is as complete as it's going to get. I share a picture in a different post about the nursery.

On Tuesday we got to see the baby during the 20 week anatomy scan. I was super excited that my husband got to see the baby, It's his second ultrasound .. the first was at 9 weeks.. so this was a huge deal for me that he was there.

The baby is happy & healthy. He is growing exactly the way he should be and it was confirmed that he is in fact a BOY. Which was a great thing considering his room & all that have already been purchased. I think I'd cry my eyes out if I had to redo it all for a girl.

Wednesday we stayed home and just enjoyed having each other home. I finally started baking some cookies for the holiday but it's hard to get motivated when you are so tired dall the time. I didn't really care about the sweets this year.

Thursday we met a friend for lunch at Dave n Busters and then we met another group of friends for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a fun packed day for sure!!

Friday we got family pictures done. We haven't really had any family photo's done since little man was born so we were very overdue. A friend of mine is a photographer and we usually get our pictures done through her since she does such an amazing job. I also got some maternity pictures done since I didn't have any done with thomas & I'm far enough along to really show now. This picture is my favorite of all of them. What a cute little family we are huh? lol

I started a Turkey brine on Friday, Saturday we prepped for the remainder of Christmas day and Christmas Day we had some friends over to celebrate with that included a huge dinner. I was exhausted but I was thankful to be surrounded by friends who have become family.

On the 26th we got up and went about an hour away to a mountain that was covered in snow!!! Yes snow!!! That close to us too!!! We had a blast, I had a blast, I have missed the cold and the snow and I was like a kid in a candy store! We just had the most incredible time.

I haven't been around snow since 2009 and it was an easy way to show my husband how much I miss the colder weather. Plus it was also nice to get an idea of what my husband lives with in Maine. He said before they left it was -2 with a windshield -17. That's insanely cold.

After the snow we went around to have lunch and ended up at our outlet/casino area. We got a fancy pizza, that wasn't that good, and our friends had mexican food. We headed home after that.

Tuesday my husband got me a 1 1/2 hour prenatal massage - which I dearly needed. Then after that we had a friend come watch little man so that we could go on a date. The same friend gave us a dinner gift card and movie tickets. So we went to go see "Passanger" which was really good. It was bitter sweet but I thought it was funny that the last movie I saw in theater also had Chris Pratt in it. After our movie date we ended up back home to start laundry so we could start packing him for his plane ride the next day.

Wednesday we took my husband to the airport and he left.  So now we start our count down all over again, and this time I thought we'd start with the days going up since it's more OPSEC approved. Oh and before I forget.. I didn't tell you what I got for my main Christmas present.. ready??

We got another puppy!!! I drove past a guy who was selling puppies & they happen to be Pomeranian pups. Well he's a pom/min american husky mix. The guy had tried to sell them for weeks and decided to try over by our flea market.. he only wanted $100 so I grabbed the only male they had left. I named him Jackson "Jack Jack" and he is prefect. He has really just fit right in and has helped calm Bella down SO very much! She needed a play mate to get all that energy out I guess because she is like a different dog now.

He is now 11 weeks old, almost 12 weeks. I got him at 9 weeks.

Best Christmas present ever! 
(aside from the husband coming home) 
(Jackson up front and Bella back behind).

Alright i'm all caught up on events for the week of Christmas. Today is New Years Eve and I have a huge post for resolution(ish) things... so I hope to get that posted either later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a very safe New Years! May 2017 fill you & yours will many blessings, health and prosperity.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

14 days

In case you have been keeping up.. my husband is coming home for Christmas so we are going to nix the countdown & start over once he leaves again. I get nine full days before he is gone again & this time it's like apx 6-8 months!!

So I also found out that we are having friends coming to San Diego that same week. Actually a couple of days before. So I finished all my gifts, wrapped everything, and was thinking about how huge Christmas is going to be! I'm super excited. I mean I'm exhausted just thinking about all the work I'll have to do by myself to pull this all off BUT it will be worth it .

I literally hate the fake Christmas light thing.. it looks so stupid and in no way looks like lights on a house. Are we really getting that lazy that Christmas lights are replaced by a weird light bulb? I honestly didn't think I'd see anyone using it.. but my neighbor has it and it looks horrible. I'm a Christmas light snob I guess but i think we are trading so many traditions for easy and convenient. I hate it.

So I made my list for Christmas dinner. I guess I gotta start putting it all together to make up a list. I bought myself a 32' TV for the master bedroom. That's huge because I never wanted one in the bedroom before.  I just felt like it's time.. I actually went shopping for one this weekend. I chose the wrong weekend to TV shop but hey..

So that's all I got.I have a lot to accomplish in the next 13 days and I'm excited. I'm just excited to have the hubby home for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to getting some time off while the hubby is home. We have a lot to do while he's here so the extra help is kind of perfect! I'm also super happy that the hubby gets to help put the babies room together. The baby bed and dresser should arrive in the next couple days and I promised to wait on him to put the decals up on the wall.

That's all I got. I hope everyone is having a great week.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 195

A couple of days ago someone posted on facebook about discipline. The post was about a child who is two months (give or take) younger than Little Man. It got me started thinking about 'discipline'. I started wondering how you potty train a child when you don't trust them in a bathroom by there self. My son tries to climb in the tub or play in the big potty every chance he gets.

Let's get real.. I don't get to potty by myself - so he follows me in everyday, all day, and we talk about potty procedures. He tries to get in the cabinet, plays with the toilet paper, and then tries to climb in the tub. I try really hard to give him direction but I honestly don't understand how to allow my child to go in and out of a bathroom by himself. My second point is he doesn't talk. I mean he babbles. He says Momma, Dadda, "ella", dog.. so I guess I need to add potty to the vocabulary list. Another option is to start saying "poo" or "pee" at every diaper change.. which is semi vulgar but important.

According to the "you start potty training between the ages of 18-3yrs old. Boys tend to be a little later then girls but most people start training between two and three." I wanted to start Little Man right after Christmas because I feel like he can accomplish this huge milestone. I have already found a potty chair, looking at a urinal with a target, and a travel potty chair.

Holy cow - I started this post with a completely different intention all the way around. I was starting it off to say that people feel the urge to discipline kids so early and don't take a moment to realize that they don't suddenly understand.. and by people.. I mean my own husband. He believes that the most important word to a child is the word "no" and I strongly disagree. You have to understand the way a child works and know you child. You can't completely know your child at the mere age of 17 months because they don't even know themselves. They are still so curious and they don't understand cause & effect. My husband wanted to know what cause & effect had to do with discipline. {insert eye roll}. I'm in no means a professional but I have been around kids long enough to know that around the age or 2-3 they start to understand the whole cause and effect. I found this great article about discipline and that really explains what I believe as well. 

Anyway now I have taken up a lot of time and space to babble about potty training and scratch the surface on the intended post "discipline". It is almost midnight and I need to get bed.. 7:30 comes around quickly. I'd love to hear any potty training tips and when you started with your kiddo's. I'm eager to get one out of diapers before the other is born.. two in diapers is expensive!! lol

Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 196

Today went by so quickly!
I had all of these plans for today and then it all just seemed to slip by. I always have a list of items that need to be cleaned and a longer list of to gets. I feel like the more I try to be ahead the more I fall behind and I have a lot on my plate right now. I will find that balance, just in time to have a new baby, but I will find that balance.
I constantly stress that the house isn't clean enough - and lord I could take pictures right now to prove my point. I don't feel like I make healthy meal choices for Little Man & I - but the very thought of cooking makes me sick. So we eat out alot & I know that isn't healthy. It's going to be really hard for him to understand that all of that stops in a couple of months. I can think of a million things that I need to get down right now & I don't ever seem to even scratch the surface.
I give myself a lot of slack because I am a single parents but I know that other military wives live this life just like I do. I just didn't realize how lonely, how tough and how mentally exhausting it would be.  There are days that I crave just to ride to the nearest 7-11 by myself, to drive through Starbucks without a back seat driver and for once wake up without hearing a kid cry as my alarm. At the same time five minutes without Little man & I wouldn't know what to do with myself. 
I'm not perfect, I don't have it all together but I'm trying. I want to go to bed at night and feel accomplished. To know that my kids & my fur babies have everything that they need. I want to know that when I wake up in the morning that our day will be filled with adventure and, well, fun. I don't want to meal plan, scrub toilets or dishes all day. I can't vacuum all day everyday and make my son giggle at the same time.  It's a hard balance trying to juggle it all & still feel empty at the end of the day BUT it is a balance.
I wish I had all the answers, all the time, a spotless house, a life that is completely worry free and full carefree day to spend with my son. I'm blessed beyond words but there are days that I feel less than. I am just having more less than days then I am not. At the end of the day I have to remind myself not to worry about all the small insignificant stuff. Life is a hard balance.. but I'm balancing the best I know how.