Tuesday, December 6, 2016

14 days

In case you have been keeping up.. my husband is coming home for Christmas so we are going to nix the countdown & start over once he leaves again. I get nine full days before he is gone again & this time it's like apx 6-8 months!!

So I also found out that we are having friends coming to San Diego that same week. Actually a couple of days before. So I finished all my gifts, wrapped everything, and was thinking about how huge Christmas is going to be! I'm super excited. I mean I'm exhausted just thinking about all the work I'll have to do by myself to pull this all off BUT it will be worth it .

I literally hate the fake Christmas light thing.. it looks so stupid and in no way looks like lights on a house. Are we really getting that lazy that Christmas lights are replaced by a weird light bulb? I honestly didn't think I'd see anyone using it.. but my neighbor has it and it looks horrible. I'm a Christmas light snob I guess but i think we are trading so many traditions for easy and convenient. I hate it.

So I made my list for Christmas dinner. I guess I gotta start putting it all together to make up a list. I bought myself a 32' TV for the master bedroom. That's huge because I never wanted one in the bedroom before.  I just felt like it's time.. I actually went shopping for one this weekend. I chose the wrong weekend to TV shop but hey..

So that's all I got.I have a lot to accomplish in the next 13 days and I'm excited. I'm just excited to have the hubby home for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to getting some time off while the hubby is home. We have a lot to do while he's here so the extra help is kind of perfect! I'm also super happy that the hubby gets to help put the babies room together. The baby bed and dresser should arrive in the next couple days and I promised to wait on him to put the decals up on the wall.

That's all I got. I hope everyone is having a great week.

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