Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 195

A couple of days ago someone posted on facebook about discipline. The post was about a child who is two months (give or take) younger than Little Man. It got me started thinking about 'discipline'. I started wondering how you potty train a child when you don't trust them in a bathroom by there self. My son tries to climb in the tub or play in the big potty every chance he gets.

Let's get real.. I don't get to potty by myself - so he follows me in everyday, all day, and we talk about potty procedures. He tries to get in the cabinet, plays with the toilet paper, and then tries to climb in the tub. I try really hard to give him direction but I honestly don't understand how to allow my child to go in and out of a bathroom by himself. My second point is he doesn't talk. I mean he babbles. He says Momma, Dadda, "ella", dog.. so I guess I need to add potty to the vocabulary list. Another option is to start saying "poo" or "pee" at every diaper change.. which is semi vulgar but important.

According to the "you start potty training between the ages of 18-3yrs old. Boys tend to be a little later then girls but most people start training between two and three." I wanted to start Little Man right after Christmas because I feel like he can accomplish this huge milestone. I have already found a potty chair, looking at a urinal with a target, and a travel potty chair.

Holy cow - I started this post with a completely different intention all the way around. I was starting it off to say that people feel the urge to discipline kids so early and don't take a moment to realize that they don't suddenly understand.. and by people.. I mean my own husband. He believes that the most important word to a child is the word "no" and I strongly disagree. You have to understand the way a child works and know you child. You can't completely know your child at the mere age of 17 months because they don't even know themselves. They are still so curious and they don't understand cause & effect. My husband wanted to know what cause & effect had to do with discipline. {insert eye roll}. I'm in no means a professional but I have been around kids long enough to know that around the age or 2-3 they start to understand the whole cause and effect. I found this great article about discipline and that really explains what I believe as well. 

Anyway now I have taken up a lot of time and space to babble about potty training and scratch the surface on the intended post "discipline". It is almost midnight and I need to get bed.. 7:30 comes around quickly. I'd love to hear any potty training tips and when you started with your kiddo's. I'm eager to get one out of diapers before the other is born.. two in diapers is expensive!! lol

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