Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I hate tax returns

Yes, you read that correctly - I hate tax returns. They make me bitter. I don't get a refund working from home and I really miss the tax return portion of a job. While I don't miss the 9-5 dance of working - the tax refund is all that I really miss.
So we filed, we talked about how it would be spent and of course once it hits the account the husband decides what's done with the refund. Like I said I'm bitter. I think the issue is that the husband and I have very different idea's of how to spend the refund. I see it as a chance to get some big home 'to do's' done, buy a couple of wants and to save the rest. My husband always puts it towards a credit card, or two, to pay off. No fun. No fun at all. I have wanted to replace our carpets since we have moved in and he always says "next refund.. next refund" and then the next refund comes around and it goes to a credit card or a car loan or whatever. {insert eye roll}
So our big argument via facetime was that this is supposed to be my return. I was going to spend it the way I wanted. Somehow being the person in charge of the bills, isn't in charge at all. He swooped in and spend the refund before I even noticed it hit our account. I had plans for it and it's gone. I'm livid. He also checks in on how I paid bills, how I spend the money and then wants me to 'itemize' each transaction.. augh!
NOW in his defense.. we received a settlement a couple months back and I used the settlement to purchase the nursery decor. So the money that was meant to be mine out of the refund was technically spent out of the settlement. My goal out of the refund was to purchase a double stroller, and to replace our carpets. I guess I shouldn't argue considering the nursery has been completed for a couple of months now but damn man.. I hate his ninja moves.
Also my husband has a panic attack to have a credit card balance of any kind. Any kind. So where I pay a CC off as it comes {I don't just pay minimum balances either} he wants a $0.000 across the board.. and just has a melt down otherwise. I don't like having credit card debit either.. really.. I have been working hard to pay them off. So while we, ahem - I, have a habit of paying off a card and then using it again .. I decided that this go around we are paying a cc off and then closing it! If I spend $150 a month on a payment.. that's $150 I have in the bank if it's closed. So our arguement included that I had no self control and that we didn't need to close the account.. but we do. Oh we do. I'm tired of this song and dance and I want my carpets replaced. SO if I close them and we have that money in our pockets... then he can't bitch and spend the refund to pay off the credit card that will be closed.
{Of course he'll just apply it to having a car note or something crazy stupid like that... did I mention I was bitter??}
My last relationship we lived paycheck to paycheck.. never had a cc to fall back on (thank god) and never had a savings. Our refunds were our free play money because we didn't have any through the remaining year. Those things never bothered me, ok that's a fat lie, but having kids made me really want to work towards a savings. Even though he doesn't recognize me annoyance and my effort to keep the plastic at a minimum it's there... I swear.
I'm going to hang up some clothes and get over the fact that I can't have my new carpet I was desperately wanting and get over the fact that my husband's responsible with bills and credit cards.

ok rant over...what are your compromises and complaints with your refund splurges?

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