Sunday, April 9, 2017

36 weeks

I can't believe we are at 36 weeks already!! I'm so anxious to have this baby!!
I was looking back through pictures today & I was just thinking to myself that I could / should  have done a couple of things a lot differently. That if I could go back to the 29th/30th week - oh the things I'd have changed.

First off. Being told that we had placenta previa and we weren't able to workout, or have sex, anything physical. They called it pelvic rest & I've been on pelvic rest up until 35 weeks. So I allowed that to stay very still. I should have been more active b/c now, towards the end of this pregnancy,  it could be harder to heal.

I should have made meals, earlier along, and froze them instead of eating out. I am an adult and I understand that this is temporary.. but I have created a picky eater (with Little man) through always eating out & that's a huge regret. I'm starting to force myself to fix dinners at the house & he is refusing to really eat anything. Gearing towards the end of this amazing journey - I gotta start putting back some of the 'normal' pieces back together for us. I know I can't put a lot of pressure on myself at this point but I'm going to try while the husband is home.

I wish I had forced myself to make a schedule. Cleaning, cooking, and in any other aspects. It's so easy to get lazy and not get anything accomplished. I'm a very organized - usually- but lately I'm really embarassed of the state of my house. I honestly don't care about what anyone thinks - because I have been asking for help and nobody has helped. With that, I feel I should have forced myself to push through and mop these floors,

I can't go back and change anything but if I ever get the honor to have another child - I want to remember these things. I want to remember that being idle really isn't ideal. I'm so thankful that the husband will be here at the end of this week .. and then next week one of my sisters arrives. I'm at the home stretch and I can't wait to share the joyous news of my 2nd son arriving into our lives. Please continue to keep us in your prayers..

Thank you!


  1. I feel you completely. I've forced myself into a solid routine after morning sickness let down. I have different daily routines so the house stays clean and little dude eats. Here's the thing sugar, straight from C's Pediatricians mouth... don't dwell on what they eat that day, but more of the entire week. C is a picky eater too and he understands when we sit for dinner and we are finished, that's it. No snacks, dessert, nothing. He will eat when he's hungry and you're not starving him as long as you give him the option. What I'm doing is eating the exact same thing he eats. Consistency. You've got this.

    1. I really wish I had created a schedule. He eats a lot of fruits and loves black beans..I offer a lot of foods & he dabbles. I just hate that I created this routine of going out to dinner. We don't do snacks after dinner (or junk food at all). My son doesn't like meat.. he'll eat chicken nuggets & breakfast sausage. We do eat a lot of fruits. He doesn't eat a lot of vegetables, which is my fault, but he'll eat black beans/kidney beans like they are jelly beans. I'll have to steam some carrots for him so he can try that because he wouldn't even touch the corn we had last night.
      Thank you for comment & the support - I appreciate both!!! <3, Amy