Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Drs and Stuff.

I've been dealing with Dr's offices all week.
Little Man's Dr. (PCM) signed and approved a developmental screening & speech therapy. They paperwork was signed and sent to the developmental office. That office called and said that the PCM missed one page but they wouldn't be able to see little man for 4-6 months. He suggested that we call a neighboring hospital to see what their waiting time was. I called the other hospital, Rady's Children - or just Rady's - and it's a month wait. So I called our PCM's office back and got all the paperwork faxed to our insurance co, Tricare, to move all his stuff to Rady's. Pending insurance approval we were moving in the right direction! (Tuesday)
I called Tricare the next day to hear that we were approved to move forward with going to Rady's for the developmental screening and speech. I didn't get the approval code.. So then I called Rady's to set up our appointment and get him on the waiting list. They didn't have paperwork for little man but could look it up with Tricare's approval code number. So I called Tricare back and got the approval code, then called Rady's back and got a voicemail. (Wednesday)
Rady's called to let me know that all they got was an approval for the developmental evaluation not the speech. They had an opening within the week for speech but needed the approval number from Tricare to book the slot. No appointment was made for the evaluation even though all the paperwork is there (why? I don't know because I was focused on what they didn't  have). Called Tricare and they didnt' have a speech request either. Called Dr's office to request a write up for speech so that we could get the appointment for next week.. they had to get the PCM to sign off on it. (Thursday)
Tricare still hasn't received PCM's approved request for speech. Can't book the next week appointment for next week. Still waiting on a call back to book eval appointment - even though we have had the approval # from the insurance co. (Friday)
I had an appointment for little dude today at the same PCM's office. We went to check weight. So when little Dude was born he weighed 9.2lbs and while in NICU for five days - he dropped to 7.2lbs. At our two week check up, (two weeks ago) he had gained weight and got back to 9lbs. Today they weighed him in at 9.59lbs meaning that in two weeks he hasn't even gained a whole pound. It sounds way worse then what it actually is. He has having trouble eating and would just scream after eating for at least a week. Then I bumped him ml's up to 80 per feed and stopped drinking Dr Pepper.. his crying stopped. I think I just had to much caffeine for his little body.. so yea I get that. Anyway the Dr we saw, which isn't our assigned PCM, suggested that I stop feeding him breast milk and just feed him formula due to the insignificant weight gain. Man, this kid eats every three hours and drinks 80ml a feeding. Has at least 8-10 (if not more) wet diapers a day and three are also poopy.  I don't know how he couldn't have gained more then a pound... but he didn't.
I refused. I refused to stop feeding my child breast milk. Why? because he grew 2.25 inches since birth, has gone up a while diaper size and can now wear 0-3 month clothing (which he couldn't a week and a half ago). I know my child is bigger today than two weeks ago and I'm not going to stop giving him the milk that he needs. I got to 6 weeks with Little Man before my milk dried up, so I'm going as long as I can with Little Dude. The Dr did note that if Little Dude hadn't reached his weight goal in three weeks, because they are super concerned if they'll go three more weeks, then they will want him strictly on formula at that time. As if they could make me and without a perscription paying for the formula.. that's not going to happen if I'm producing enough to feed him.
My friend's Dad passed away this week - the family we go to Arizona to see all the time,  but I'm not ready to talk about it yet.
The good news is - we are so much closer to the husband coming home.
I joined the San Diego branch Linus blanket group. Linus blanket's are the blankets you receive while in NICU for Children. My sister who is out now is a part of the Houston, Texas Linus blanket group and I couldn't think of a better way to give back and use my skill of making blankets. Super cool.
We are getting closer to getting 4 hours in between feedings and little Dude is allowing me to get sleep at night.
I'm down 35 pounds since giving birth to Little Dude five weeks ago! Non of my pants fit and I'm hoping I can keep dropping so I can go shopping soon!!


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