Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wants vs Needs - Chapter 2&3

It's been about a week since a amazon truck has stopped at our house. I wonder if they worry when they don't visit our house? I mean we order, ahem I, order on a bi/daily basis. Before that we were in Texas for two weeks.. I'm surprised I haven't had anyone knock on my door to make sure we are ok.
Joking aside - around Christmas I wrote that I wanted to go a year without Amazon and obviously I failed. I wanna blame Little Miss for all her baby needs but honestly.. I'm weak. I mean getting three kids out of the house just to get a pacifier vs having it delivered to my door... well you can understand why i'm addicted to the little online cart.
We have worked SO hard to pay off all our 'extra' bills. We have done SO good! We went on vacation and basically paid for our whole trip from credit card points we had earned.. honestly. We went from six credit cards and two car payments to just having two credit cards! We have sacraficed a lot to make that happen.  Those will be paid off before Christmas. Aside from bragging rights.. I want to say that I had to really sit and prioritize my Needs from my Wants. Yes having some T-Shirt dress delivered to my door vs dragging three kids to go clothe shopping (which always ends up with them outfits and nothing for myself) is a regular thing I do... but it's not a NEED. I had to really buckle down and prioritize. What happened is that I also came to realize that my house is so full from impulse buys that I've actually wasted money. Yea it taste bad typing it.. I wasted money. I might well have thrown $600 in the street and burned it. What do I have to show? A 3rd generation Cameo that has been used ONCE.. but I just had to have it! I also splurged on a Bissell crosswave.. that literally just sits in a corner in my kitchen. (It's really hard to clean out EVERY TIME you use it with little kids... so I just grab the vaccum or the mop and move on).
My living room has two half shelves that are filled with kids toys. I have buckets of toys, books, stuffed animals.. not to mention little villages. It's not a brag, it's a explaination. Before Little Man was diagnosed with autism I bought anything he showed emotion or interest too! I was so desperate to find that toy.. that magical toy he'd play with. He just wasn't interested in anything.. so instead of selling it - I kept it. Then we found out we were having Little Man and now Little Miss and we haven't added a toy into this house in two years. Seriously. No lie. We have parties for the kids and ask people to NOT bring the kids anything because they have everything. We are also going to skip Christmas again for the same reason (plus the kids are small they will never know). From hand rattles to outdoor toys.. there is not a shortage. If you ask about a toy.. we probally have it.  Again not a brag. It's disgusting. Little Miss is about to be six months so now we, ahem I,  can really start purge through the toys and down down down size the mess. Little Man wants books.. he's all about books, Little Dude is all about trucks.. and Little Miss is well.. all about her feet.
Don't be fooled here..I do a lot of bargin shopping. I go to re-sale shops, I love garage sales and the marketplace app on Facebook is my newest love. After visiting so many houses on our trip I have realized that my husband is right and I have a problem. I've always wanted to be a minimalist. Like if you are and I visit your house... I envy you. I want five items on my counter.. just 5. SO referencing my new book 'Girl, Wash your face' by "Rachel Hollis" she says that we buy stuff to 'fit in for people we may or not even like simply to fit in' and I can see that. Another point is to follow your own rules or others wont follow your rules.. and that fits this portion of my life too. I'm sure if we scratch deep it's about my childhood somehow, most things are.. but I've got to put a stop to this. Just like in Chapter 2 when she decided that her Diet Coke had to go and she did it.. I must declutter and stop impulsing purchasing. My husband is all about saving money.. so this would help me get what I want and him get what he wants.
I also like that the book adds on that if we can't complete or own tasks and desires for ourselves - it's hard for others to do that too. So by not completing my to do list - its my fault. It also teaches myself that the things I say are important, ie: de-cluttering but then purchasing more stuff, my brain knows I'm lying. So with that lie creates the unwillingness to complete this task.
So my solution is .. I'm having a garage sale. I'm going to really go through cabinets and every nook and remove the clutter. I've already started donating but now it's time for the HUGE push. I set a date, I've been putting things aside (which is actually creating more clutter) and bought garage sale stickers so that I can label as I go. What doesn't get sold will be donated THAT weekend.
This is my omission to my need vs wants. This is my inner cry for de-clutter and organization I so desperatly want.  I also NEED to stop this urge for impulsing purchasing. It creates a huge issue in more then one compartment in my life.

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